Amazing Benefits of Honey on Face - 24 Mantra Organic

Amazing Benefits of Honey on Face - 24 Mantra Organic


Checkout These Amazing Benefits of Honey on Face

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The more mainstream and well-known use of honey is as a sweetener in teas and other beverages or food items.

But do you know that honey can be used as a part of your beauty routine? The properties of honey are beneficial when used on hair or skin. The benefits of honey on face are well-documented.

The use of honey in beauty rituals dates back to as far as the Egyptian Civilisation. Don’t believe us? Haven’t you heard that Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt used to bathe in honey to preserve her beauty? She used a mixture of honey and milk to soak herself luxuriously. Can you imagine how much honey and milk would have been needed to fill a tub? But she wasn’t wrong- there are many benefits of honey on face.

Although store-bought processed honey would do in a pinch, nothing can beat the effectiveness of raw honey to maintain your beauty. Raw honey sourced from naturally occurring beehives that are untouched by man – have better taste. There are no pesticides or harmful chemicals used to bring the honey into existence.


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Raw honey is a treasure trove of amino acids, vitamin B compounds, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and even zinc. If you can’t find raw honey, you can opt for one of the many organic brands available in shops. Unlike other packaged products, organics tend to hold to a lot of the natural benefits of honey.

DIY beauty hacks are all the craze in current times, and almost all of them use items that are readily available at home.

Here are a few simple ways you can use honey to keep your skin healthy.

5 Ways To Use Honey To Beautify Yourself

1. Honey for Wounds 
Honey is widely known for its antibacterial properties. When consumed in hot water or even without, it helps in keeping the bacteria in the gut in balance to aid the digestion process. However, the antibacterial element of honey can be used to treat small scars and wounds.

Even small wounds, when left unattended, could lead to infections, which would leave behind scars. To prevent such a thing from occurring, you can apply a small amount of honey directly on the affected area. Research suggests that honey provides relief from pain in case of burns. You can even use honey to treat diaper rashes in babies and toddlers. The cool touch of honey would be especially soothing on the tender skin of babies.

2. Honey For Acne 
An excess of oil, dead skin and bacteria on your face could lead to acne. The oilier your skin, the more the chances are there for severe acne. Honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties that are essential for clearing bacteria from the skin and getting ample benefits of honey on face.

Inflamed acne causes your pimple to look an angry red, and they even hurt when touched. Applying honey on the face calms down the redness and could help in reducing the inflammation from acne. While honey is not as effective as other chemical ointments in reducing acne, it is preferable as it does not cause any side-effects.

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3. Honey As a Moisturiser 
One of the many benefits of honey on face is its use as a moisturiser. Honey is a natural humectant, i.e., it naturally pulls water to the surface of any patch of skin to which it is applied. There are a variety of moisturisers available in the market that use honey as one of the key ingredients.

Using honey directly on the skin as a moisturiser helps in keeping the skin soft and supple without making it dry. Honey helps bring the water in the skin to the surface and reduces the build-up of oils and dead skin.

Benefits of honey on face also include its use as a skin cleanser. Mixing honey with coconut oil helps in removing even the stubbornest speck of makeup from your skin, making you feel fresh and clean.
4. Honey as an Exfoliator 
A complete skincare routine includes the process of skin exfoliation at least twice a week. Most exfoliation mixes use a rough abrasive ingredient to help in removing dead skin from the face. The benefits of honey on face is the use of a soft solution that does not irritate the skin, nor does it cause redness from constant rubbing.

Applying a thick layer of honey on the face and massaging it in with the help your fingers is useful in cleaning out your pores thoroughly. The face massage loosens the skin and allows any excess oils and dead skin to rise to the surface. You can wipe off the honey with the use of a face cloth.

5. Honey to Maintain pH Level  
The pH level of anything shows how acidic that item is. The average pH level of healthy skin is 5.5. This number allows your skin to maintain a healthy balance of oils, water, and bacteria to protect your skin from harmful elements. A higher pH level leads to inflammation and acne, while a lower number leads to dryness, and causes the skin to flake off.

One of the benefits of honey on face is the ability of honey to restore balance to a varying pH level. Honey has low pH, and this helps in decreasing the number of bacteria which prevents the occurrence of acne and skin breakouts.

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The benefits of honey on face are truly innumerable. There are so many DIY mixes available online that use honey not only for the skin but also for healthy hair.

One of the main benefits of honey on face is that honey is a natural ingredient. By using raw or organic honey in place of adulterated or treated honey, you can ensure that there are no side effects from using the sweet liquid on your skin.

Try out these various uses of honey to get a more refreshed and clean look for your face and look your absolute best every day.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Honey and Savour the taste of organic goodness.

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