Chia Seeds Benefits For Everyday Wellness

Chia Seeds Benefits For Everyday Wellness

chia seeds benefits

Chia Seeds Benefits For Everyday Wellness

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Size doesn’t matter. It is especially true for chia seeds. Chia seeds are tiny edible seeds that are native to Mexico. It dates back to Mayan and Aztec civilizations in Mexico. “Chia” means strength and it stands true to its name because chia seeds are a concentrated food containing healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, Protein, Fiber, Antioxidants, and Calcium etc. Chia seeds benefits the human body owing to its high nutrition density. 

Let’s see how chia benefits human health when consumed daily. 

Chia Seeds Benefits

As mentioned above, chia seed is dense in nutrition. It has been recently acknowledged as a super food and is widely being used in different kinds of recipes. Chia seeds benefits have made it a popular staple food of many health enthusiasts. Some of the widely acknowledged chia benefits are following: 

  • Lots of antioxidants: Chia seeds have a host of antioxidants. Antioxidants play an instrumental role in protecting us from free radical damage which is one of the biggest causes of mental and physical aging. Hence, it helps fight mental and physical aging, improving cognitive functions and physical fitness. 
  • Lots of nutrients with much less calories: Chia seeds contain lots of nutrition in very less quantity with lesser calories compared to other food. 28 grams of chia seeds contains, Fiber 11 grams, Protein 4 grams, Omega 3 Fatty acids 5 grams and it also contains Calcium, Manganese and Magnesium in very rich quantities. Our chia seeds are a whole-grain, non-GMO food, grown organically. They’re naturally gluten-free.
  • Excellent protein source: One of the most important chia seeds benefits is that it provides good quality protein in good quantity. 28 grams of chia seeds contain about 19% protein by weight, which is impressive. They also have essential amino acids in good quantity and hence our body is able to make use of protein properly. 
  • Aids in weight loss: Chia seeds are rich in fibre and protein, which makes it an excellent choice for weight loss. It has soluble fiber which absorbs large amounts of water and expands in your stomach. This increases fullness and slows the absorption of food, making you eat less. 
  • Rich in Omega 3 which helps fight cardiovascular disease: Chia benefits also include a healthier heart. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which raises good cholesterol that protects against heart attack and stroke.

As you can see chia benefits human health in numerous ways. So incorporate them in your daily regime for a healthy life.

Try 24 Mantra Organic Chia Seeds and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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