Detox with Organic Green Tea | Green Tea Detox

Detox with Organic Green Tea | Green Tea Detox

green tea detox

Detox with Organic Green Tea | Green Tea Detox

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Modern times are characterised by undue stress in professional and personal life as well. And COVID has made all of it worse with additional stress, lesser job opportunities, and lesser opportunities to de-stress. But there are some simple lifestyle changes that can help you  detox and de-stress without much effort. Green tea detox is also effective in tackling stress. In fact green tea helps in weight management. 

Most of us consume tea frequently. If we replaced it with a healthier alternative then it could add a lot of value to our life by impacting our mental and physical health positively. 

Green tea detox is now slowly getting recognition and people have started consuming green tea for detoxification of the mind and body. 

Let’s see the benefits of green tea and how it can help you detox, de-stress and live a better life. 

Green Tea Detox and De-stress: Benefits of Green Tea

  • Anti Cancerous Properties: Green tea is rich in polyphenols which have shown to decrease tumor growth in different studies. It may protect against damage caused by ultraviolet UVB radiation. It is interesting to note that countries with high green tea consumption have low rates of cancer. But it is impossible to know for sure whether it is the green tea that prevents cancer in these groups of people or other lifestyle factors. High levels of polyphenols in green tea helps kill cancerous cells and stop them from growing. However, the exact mechanisms by which tea interacts with cancerous cells is unknown.
  • Regulates Cholesterol: An analysis in 2011 found that consuming green tea is linked to reductions in total and LDL or “bad” cholesterol in the body. Green tea detox works because green tea helps regulate and control the amount of harmful substances in the body.
  • Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s and Improves Brain Function: The Alzheimer’s Society based on some trusted studies says that green tea might help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Some Research suggests that green tea can enhance our brain’s cognitive functions, particularly the working memory. The key findings suggest that green tea could be promising in the treatment of cognitive disorders, such as dementia.
  • Improves Heart Health: A 2006 study concluded that green tea consumption is associated with reduced mortality due to all causes, including cardiovascular disease. The participants who drank at least 5 cups of green tea per day had a significantly lower risk of dying (especially from cardiovascular disease) than those who drank less than one cup of tea per day. Hence, green tea consumption is also linked to better heart health and in turn better mortality.
  • Anti Inflammatory Properties: The flavonoids present in the green tea have been found to fight inflammation in the body. Epigallocatechin gallate is a component in green tea that has anti-inflammatory effects. There are also antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties in green tea which also work against inflammation. 

As you can see just by having a few cups of green tea in a day instead of the conventional tea and other harmful beverages, we can add so much value in our lives. The organically produced, and naturally harvested green tea is in true sense a kiss of nature. Green tea detox and de-stress would free you from the unnecessary mental baggage and unwanted toxins in the body. 24 Mantra has been working for 17 years to provide Indian consumers healthy, and organic produce. Check out our 24 Mantra Organic Green Tea for tasting the kiss of nature.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Green tea and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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