Difference Between Multigrain Atta And Single Grain Flour

Difference Between Multigrain Atta And Single Grain Flour

multigrain atta benefits

Difference Between Multigrain Atta And Single Grain Flour

Organic Lifestyle

The difference between multigrain atta and single grain flour whether is wheat flour, jowar flour, Bajra flour or any other flour is immense. Let’s find out 

Obesity is the root cause of a wide range of diseases. It not only makes you susceptible to heart diseases, cancer, and other medical threats, it also decreases the quality of your life. Just because you put on weight, getting up to get some stuff from the kitchen, or opening the door might seem a daunting task, because you feel tired easily. The best way to fight obesity is to have a physically active lifestyle and eat food that is nutritionally rich and improves satiety. One of the multigrain atta benefits is that it suppresses appetite and helps fight obesity. 

It is a rich source of protein, dietary fibres, carbs, many vitamins and minerals as well. Most of the ingredients of this multigrain atta are gluten-free. 

Indian Diet and Grains

We Indian can’t eat without roti and chawal. We need to have roti, rice and pulses often in our meals. But there is a way you can have your roti in a much healthier and nutritionally dense style. Just replace your conventional wheat flour with multigrain atta. 

In case you’re not sure about multigrain atta benefits we are listing them down for you. 

Multigrain atta benefits

Multigrain atta is made from multiple grains like ragi, jowar, bajra, soybean, oats, corn, wheat, etc. It contains a wide variety of nutrients from all these grains, making it a great choice if you want to have a balanced diet. Let’s check out some benefits of multigrain atta. 

  • Since multigrain is a mix of two or more grains, its nutritional value is more than that of single grain flour like wheat. It is rich in protein, fibre and many micronutrients as well as providing holistic nutrition to the body. 
  • Studies have proven that multigrain atta is great for the human digestive system. As it is filled with nutrients, loaded with fibres that nurture good gut bacteria, it aids the digestive system and improves metabolism.
  • Multigrain atta has been found to be great in aiding weight loss as well. Most of the grains and millets in multigrain atta include ragi and jowar, which are gluten-free and thus are healthy. These grains suppress hunger and aid weight loss. 
  • Millets have anti-inflammatory properties and hence multigrain atta made of millets also helps people who have inflammation in joint aches and excess heat.

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