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Sustainability is perhaps not a utopian idea. Our experience with over 12,000 farmers across 15 States of India does show that the situation is tough. A challenge, which requires resources, patience and more importantly a mindset that wants change. As long as the farmer who has to practice sustainable farming does have access to resources and is assured of a means of livelihood sustainability is a near and wide-ranging possibility. However, the practices have to be transparent and a social orientation is definitely intrinsic to the concept of sustainability. In our case at 24 Mantra this philosophy does come with its challenges. At the beginning of every crop cycle we, fix the prices for the crop purchase. And ensure payments are made to the farmer – independent of the climate and the vagaries of time. A simple assurance and honesty means we build partnerships that have a lot of give and take. Our experience has been satisfying and the farmers’ population is only growing with us. Perhaps a good indicator that sustainability is possible?


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