Drink Jeera Water For Weight Loss - It Works!

Drink Jeera Water For Weight Loss - It Works!


Drink Jeera Water For Weight Loss – It Works!

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Cumin seeds or jeera is a common household spice used predominantly in cooking delicious Indian recipes. The earthy flavour of the spice brings about a favourable transformation in any dish it is used to prepare.

Many people get confused between cumin seeds and fennel seeds. Although both belong to the same family of plants; fennel seeds are sweeter than cumin and are eaten as a mouth freshener after meals.

Cumin seeds have a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is also one of the main ingredients in making any curry powder like garam masala.

Jeera can be used either as a whole spice or as powder. The true impact and flavour of cumin seeds come out when it is either dry-roasted or tempered with ghee.

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How Can Cumin Seeds Be Used?

Cumin seeds are usually used in savoury recipes all over India. One of the most popular dishes – Jeera fried rice is prepared chiefly using cumin seeds.

Although jeera powder is readily available in markets, Indian women prefer to grind the fresh powder at home. Dry roast the cumin seeds on low heat till it turns brown and aromatic. Once it cools down, grind it into a fine powder, and store in an airtight jar. The process is incredibly simple.

Jeera also aids in the process of digestion. In case of any gastric issues, jeera can be chewed directly, or mixed in hot water to relieve stomach ache.

But this earthy spice has another use too. Jeera is known to aid in weight loss too. Jeera water for weight loss is highly useful for those looking to shed some extra kilos.

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What are the Health Benefits of Using Jeera?

Other than weight loss, the use of jeera can be beneficial for overall health.

Consuming jeera everyday helps in balancing the good and bad cholesterol in the body.

  • Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes is the result of excess sugar being secreted into the blood. Jeera water enriched with its slightly bitter taste can help in bringing down the sugar levels.

  • Memory Retention

Jeera seeds consist of minerals and vitamins essential for helping the brain function properly like riboflavin, vitamin B6, and niacin.

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties

Jeera has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that help in relieving cold and a sore throat. Even acne breakout can be reduced by washing face regularly with cumin-infused water.

Occasional hunger pangs give rise to unnecessary eating at odd hours. Rather than eating anything, drinking jeera water can help in eliminating your hunger pangs and keep you full for a longer time.

Use of Jeera Water for Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the most common causes for severe health problems like heart diseases, hypertension, etc. It’s better to avoid obesity by having control over what is eaten and including some fitness activities into the overall routine.

If you are overweight, then weight loss is an essential step you need to take. Any Indian home remedy is incomplete without a recipe for jeera water for weight loss.

When jeera is soaked in water, it swells up. The nutrients in jeera get into the water and turn pale yellow in colour. It is better to consume jeera water instead of just plain water.

Experts say that it is thymol, a compound in cumin seeds that stimulate the enzymes, which enables better secretion of digestive juices. This leads to better digestion and avoids bloating. Hence jeera water for weight loss is an effective remedy.

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But how can you use jeera for weight loss? You can do this in a couple of ways.

1) Lemon juice infused with jeera water, according to a few studies, is capable of boosting overall metabolism of the body, which in turn helps in weight loss.

The method is quite simple. Soak a tablespoon of jeera in water overnight. Boil the soaked jeera in water the next morning. Before drinking, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the water. Jeera water for weight loss will be more effective when it is consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach.

2) In any weight loss routine, you must remain hydrated. Water is essential to flush out all the harmful toxins from the body and maintain a healthy weight.

In a glass of hot water, mix a teaspoon of jeera powder with a pinch of salt. Drink this jeera and salt solution at regular intervals for the best effect.

3) Compared to any other milk-based product, buttermilk has a lower fat content. In following a weight loss regime, include some buttermilk to infuse energy into the body without compromising the diet.

Instead of mixing curd with plain water to make buttermilk, include jeera water for weight loss. Add one spoon of jeera powder to the mixture of water and curd with a bit of salt for taste.

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Nutritional Composition of Jeera

Jeera is used in moderation. Most recipes use only a tablespoon of jeera in its preparation.

Nutritional Composition Jeera (1 tablespoon – 6 grams)
Calories 23
Carbohydrates 2.7 gms
Protein 1.1 gms
Fat 1.3 gms
Fibre 0.6 mg
Sodium 10 mg
Calcium 55.86 mg
Iron 3.98 mg
Potassium 107 mg

Source: Nutrition Value


Jeera water is a natural drink that can be made at home with all ingredients readily available. It is a refreshing drink which is much better for your body than any store brought beverages.

Drinking jeera water for weight loss is effective. However, it would be best if you pair this wonderful spice with other healthy food items and proper workout routines to achieve maximum progress in your weight loss journey.

A qualified nutritionist can guide you about incorporating jeera into your diet for maximum weight loss.


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