Easy stress relieving exercises to do at home

Easy stress relieving exercises to do at home

stress relieving exercises

Easy stress relieving exercises to do at home

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Too much rest and relaxation spoils our body and mind. So why not try some exercise to reduce stress and improve overall wellness? 

Excess of everything is bad. When you put too much pressure on your mind without moving your body, your body becomes indolent and your mind becomes stressed. Similarly, if you do not use your mind and it keeps pushing your body, then your body would burn out and your mind would remain dull. In both circumstances you feel stressed and worn out in different ways. Hence, we need to keep a balance between our mental and physical activities. The best way to handle stress is to apply them in a graded fashion. You can deal with mental stress by switching to some physical exercises. In this blog we would discuss stress relieving exercises you can do to relieve your mental stress.  

Doing any physical activity when we feel mental stress might boost the production of the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. That’s why stress relieving exercises work and hence it is recommended exercise to reduce stress.

Tips for stress relieving exercises 

  • Dancing

Indeed dancing is the single most powerful way to reduce stress. Just play your favourite upbeat song on full volume and dance like there is no tomorrow. This is one of the most powerful yet underrated stress relieving exercises. You can play any song and just groove to the music while relaxing your mind. 

  • Walking/Running/Jogging

When things just feel too much, take a pause and walk for sometime. If there is a possibility you can go for a run or a jog, but if not then you can just walk around. Take small and slow steps with deep breaths. Watch your breath as you walk. It would really help you clear your head and get rid of the toxic ideas in your head. 

  • Playing something

Playing something ignites the spirit of a child in us, who just wants to have fun. Playing badminton, ludo, carrom or even some other simple game from your childhood can really help you get rid of all the stress that you’re feeling. If nothing else, just put a basket in your home in the right place and you can just throw the ball aiming for a basket. This will surely make you feel better. 

In conclusion, doing these stress relieving exercises like breathing exercises and yoga can reduce the stress in your life and improve the quality of your life.

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