Easy workouts for stay at home moms

Easy workouts for stay at home moms

full body workout at home

Easy Workouts For Stay At Home Moms

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Being a mom is one of the most important and demanding jobs in the world. But it is important for a stay at home mom to maintain her fitness. Let’s see how. 

Being a stay at home is a full-time job in itself. Keeping your house clean, your children safe and your family healthy requires all stay-at-home moms to be busy all day. It is nearly impossible for moms with young kids to find time to go to the gym. But don’t worry, you can do a full body workout at home.

In this article we will show you five exercises that you can do at home without the help of any fancy equipment. 

Exercise At Home

There are many simple and easy workouts that you can do at home. 

  • On the spot, jogging: It is the best way to start your workout at home. Doing on the spot jogging for five to ten minutes will warm you up for the upcoming workouts. You can do slight variations by moving five steps backward, forward and sideways. You can also jog in circles while facing in one direction. It is a good way of challenging your leg muscles.
  • Burpees: You can do this full body workout at home with ease. It is a simple yet effective workout that works on your entire body. You can do difficult variations later. You can add a ten seconds plank to 20 burpees and do four such reps. The possibilities are endless once you get going. 
  • Plank: You can do this exercise at home to engage your core and strengthen it. Start with 30 seconds and slowly increase it to 1 min, then even longer. It would help you lose belly fat as well. You can also do dynamic planks. Consistently increase the repetitions and set. 
  • Jumping Jacks: It is one of the most underrated exercises, nevertheless a powerful one and easy to perform. Begin with 5 repetitions and slowly increase to 10, 15, 20, etc. Rest and repeat for 3 sets. Do this full body workout at home to remain fit. 
  • Crunches: Most moms have a hard time with their belly fat. This is a super effective exercise to do at home for core strength. It strengthens your abs, burns belly fat and makes you feel good. 

You can also do other full body workouts at home like superman, high knee, jump squats and mountain climber etc.

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