Exploring the best ajwain leaf benefits for a healthy lifestyle - 24 Mantra Organic

Exploring the best ajwain leaf benefits for a healthy lifestyle - 24 Mantra Organic


Everything you need know about ajwain leaves

Organic Food

Traditionally, ajwain leaves have been cultivated in parts of India and Iran and have been given a place of high regard in traditional medicine. According to a study on the various pharmacological effects of ajwain, it has been found that the seeds of ajwain contain a rich composition of carbohydrates, fats, protein, fibre, glycosides, tannins, saponins, flavone and calcium, among many other nutrients. With its aromatic and spicy flavour, ajwain has come to be used widely in Indian cuisines.

Ajwain brings the benefit of better nutrition to your plate and offers a safe food option for your family. As an organically grown item, it is sustainable for the environment and does not lead to water contamination. Let us find out more about ajwain leaf benefits.


The following table lists the nutritional content of ajwain in a serving of 100gm.

Calories 305
Carbohydrates 43 gm
Fat 25 gm
Protein 16 gm
Fibre 39 gm
Sodium 10 mg



Weighing The Benefits Of Ajwain Seeds: Are They Healthy For You? 

Cure Coughs And Colds 

Almost every Indian household banks upon ajwain leaf benefits for this on purpose. A concoction of ajwain leaves with hot water can help to fight persistent cough and cold. It is quite easy to make. All you need are a bunch of ajwain leaves, around 10 to 12. Make sure that they are clean and boil them in a glass full of water. Allow the drink to boil until the water level has reduced to a quarter of its original volume. If you like, you can also add a drop of honey in this mixture and consume it after cooling to get relief from cough and cold.


Find A Cure For Stomach Ache

Do you have a stomach ache that refuses to go away? You can consume ajwain to get instant relief from your pain. The chemical composition of ajwain gives it a trace hint of alcohol in it. When taken with a pinch of salt and warm water, it helps to give you relief from stomach pain, in case you are not willing to consume medicine for this purpose. Those who have a problem of consistent indigestion, consuming even a spoonful of ajwain can give them relief from pain and irritation.


A Trusting Cure For Asthma

The trouble of asthma can put anyone to pain and pull them away from their regular routine. Thankfully, ajwain leaf benefits are such that they can provide some degree of relief to those with asthma as well. It is believed that the smoke of ajwain leaves act as a bronchodilator. Breathing it in can ease the problems which come with asthma. Another way to obtain some respite from asthma using ajwain leaves is to consume a paste of these leaves and jaggery. Takin this twice in a day can be helpful to treat asthma.


Respite From Kidney Stones

Another amazing ajwain leaf benefits include relief from kidney stones. A combination of ajwain seeds, honey and vinegar is believed to have a positive effect on the stones, helping them melt and relieving the affected person from its harmful effects.


Helps To Get Rid Of Flatulence and Gas

Among the many ajwain leaf benefits is its ability to help with conditions like indigestion, gas and flatulence. A distilled water drink of ajwain leaves will help to provide relief in these conditions. Ajwain leaves have been known to help maintain appetite which can significantly help to reduce the instances of gas formation in the body. On a side note, the beneficial results of ajwain can also be sought in case of acidity. It has significant hyperacidity properties in it which can help control the incidence of acidity in the body. All one needs to do ajwain leaf benefits is to consume a single leaf with lukewarm water after each meal.


Acts As A Mouth Freshener

Due to the unique composition of chemicals in ajwain leaves, it is believed that they can help to remove bad breath from the mouth. Incidentally, the use of ajwain seeds in an Indian diet is almost synonymous with a routine. This is why you will find that most Indian dishes are heavily aromatic and refreshing to consume.


Get A Dose Of Hydration

Did you know that ajwain leaf benefits can give your body a shot of hydration as well? You can easily make a juice by combining ajwain leaves with tulsi leaves and adding some lemon to it. This concoction helps to maintain the levels of electrolytes in the body which prevents the condition of dehydration in your body. This is an excellent drink for children who tend to fall sick more often. Just add a bit of honey to this drink to make it easier for them to consume. This natural immunity boosting drink will help them ward off digestive issues along with cold and cough during weather alterations.


Conclusion: Is Ajwain Really Good For Your Health?

Going by the points mentioned above, one can easily deduce that ajwain has a bunch of good benefits to offer. Due to its unique properties and rich content certain chemicals, ajwain has become a staple in Indian food consumption.

If research is to be believed, it is ideal to consume up to six grams of the powder of ajwain seeds in a day. It is more effective to consume ajwain in powered form, in spite of the small size of its seeds. Organically grown ajwain seeds offer a chance at a better life to many farmers who can lead sustainable livelihoods by cultivating these seeds. Experience the rich taste of ajwain seeds grown organically, which are far better for your nutritional needs and taste better as well. The absence of harmful chemicals and pesticides make it ideal for your family and children.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Ajwain and savour the taste of organic goodness.


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