Five Best Stress Relief Activities For Working Moms

Five Best Stress Relief Activities For Working Moms

stress relief activities

Five Best Stress Relief Activities For Working Moms

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Life of a woman changes completely once a baby is born. That’s when they face the most unexpected challenges and stress. In this blog we discuss some stress relief activities. 


Life of a woman becomes full of unexpected challenges when she becomes a mother. Being a working woman is hard with all the responsibilities she has to manage in personal and professional life. But it is the hardest when the child is an infant. Her daily routine, lifestyle, everything goes for a toss. Most mothers experience immense stress in the early years of their motherhood. 

Let’s check out some stress relief activities that mothers can opt for to make their lives a tad bit easier. 

Stress relief activities

Life of a working mother is challenging but performing some stress buster activities can help them face their challenges with more mental space and reduce their stress. Following are some of the stress relief activities for working mothers: 

  • Light physical exercises: While we understand that it might not be possible for most working mothers to indulge in intensive training, we recommend that you should at least take out 15 minutes for easy routine physical activities like light jogging, plank, crunches and a few burpees. You can simply jog on the spot at your home and do a few jumping jacks. It would help you release your stress. You can do this in the lunch break at your office, before having your meals. Just 15 mins and it would add immense value to your life. 
  • Using aromatic candles: Burning a scented candle or using aroma diffusers in your home might be vital in reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. It also uplifts mood and revitalises the body. You can use rose, sandalwood, lavender Vetiver or lemongrass or a combination of any of these to uplift your mood. 
  • Deep breathing and meditation: In the morning while everyone else is asleep just take out 10-15 minutes for yourself and practice conscious deep breathing. You can do some other forms of meditation too. You can also try some Pranayamas as well. They will effectively help you in tackling stress. 
  • Stress relief supplements: Supplements like Ashwagandha, Melatonin, Kava, B Complex Vitamins and  Green Tea have been observed to relieve stress.  Ashwagandha is an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat stress and anxiety. 

In case you have hobbies like painting, gardening, writing, dancing, listening to music, etc. then they can also prove to be effective stress relief activities. You can also talk on the phone with some of your close friends and family. It is always one of the most effective stress buster activities.

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