Foods As Mental Health Boosters - 24 Mantra Organic

Foods As Mental Health Boosters - 24 Mantra Organic


Food And Diet To Follow For Overall Wellness

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From a very young age, we are told the importance of eating a good diet for our growing physical needs. We know that to look and feel our physical best, we need to have lots of water, reduce junk, and have a balanced diet. But what is not stressed enough is the correlation between good food and mental health.

A healthy, balanced diet helps clear the mind. It makes us feel more alert while increasing our attention span and concentration levels. Conversely, a poor diet can result in fatigue, impair decision-making, and, in worse cases, result in depression and stress.

In this article, we’ll look at some types of foods good for overall wellness and few tips on eating a healthy, balanced diet.

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Research has shown that following a western diet, which includes highly processed foods, can lead to increase chances of depression and anxiety [1]. That’s because processed food and things high on sugar are addictive and stimulate our brain’s dopamine centres, parts of the brain associated with pleasure and reward.

Sugar and processed foods can result in inflammation throughout the brain and body, which may aggravate mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. On the other hand, food groups that contribute significantly to our overall wellness are generally those that are fresh and include all essential minerals and vitamins.

Top Three Types Of Foods Good for Mental Health

There are certain types of foods good for overall wellness. These include complex carbs, lean proteins, and fatty acids [2]. Brain foods are essential for the optimum function of the nervous system and building new protein, tissues, and cells.

Complex carbohydrates: Instead of having all-purpose flour, include organic whole wheat, brown rice and starchy vegetables. You can also include sweet potatoes, quinoa, millet, and beets to feel fuller and provide essential nutrients.

Lean proteins: Lean proteins are also foods groups that contribute to our overall wellness since they provide the required energy to think and react quickly. Some sources of lean proteins include soybean, chicken, meat, fish, nuts, and seeds.

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Fatty acids: Another important type of brain food is fatty acids, which are found in meat, eggs, fish, nuts, and flaxseeds. Fatty acids like omega 3 are known to maintain nerve-cell membranes. Low omega-3 levels are linked to information-processing problems, which is found in people suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders as well as Huntington’s disease [3].

In addition to these types of food, incorporate a diet that has high levels of zinc, iron, and Vitamin C as well as B12. These minerals are known to reduce the chances of depression, improve mood, and prevent nervous disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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Tips on eating healthy

Avoid processed snacks as much as you can. These include potato chips, candies, and soft drinks. They reduce your ability to concentrate and can impair your energy levels.

Incorporate healthy fats in your diet, such as coconut oil, avocado, peanuts, etc. Healthy fat is not only good for your heart but also supports proper brain function.

Combat hunger pangs with healthy snacks such as fruits, baked sweet potatoes, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, etc.

Avoid shopping for junk food. The less junk you shop for, the less junk you’ll consume!

Don’t binge on food. Instead, have small portion sizes and eat frequently. It will maintain your energy levels and ensure the proper functioning of your brain.

So, folks, that was our take on different types of foods that contribute to our overall wellness. Hope you found it helpful. And remember, always opt for organic as it doesn’t contain any additives.

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