Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Sattu

Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Sattu

sattu side effects

Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Sattu

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Sattu is flour made from Bengal gram and other pulses. It is rich in protein and many other nutrients. This blog discusses its benefits and side effects. 

When summer approaches, you would see many Indian households making a sharbat from Sattu and drinking it as a summer cooler. Now, some of you must be thinking about what sattu is, what are its benefits and what are sattu side effects

Before discussing sattu side effects and benefits, let’s see what is Sattu? 

What is Sattu?

Sattu is a flour very popular in the Indian subcontinent, especially Nepal, India and Pakistan. It is made up of different grains and pulses. But generally, the primary ingredient is roasted Bengal gram flour. Sattu is a rich source of protein, dietary fibre and many other nutrients. It is a staple food in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh in India. It is used as an ingredient in many Indian dishes like paratha, litti chokha, Daal baati churma etc. It is also consumed in the form of sharbat and with buttermilk. 

Sattu benefits and side effects

Sattu is a nutritional powerhouse. It is emerging as a superfood. And the best part is that it is highly affordable. 

  • Sattu is a good source of protein, and it is also considered a powerhouse of energy. Due to its protein, fibre, carbohydrate and micronutrients content, it can act as a wholesome meal. It can be used to make protein shakes as well to gain muscles. 
  • During summers, heat waves make people feel a lack of energy, restlessness and tiredness. Drinking Sattu sharbat can help you get rid of heat and provide energy. It is delicious and provides a supply of protein.
  • It helps fight a digestion-related issues like flatulence, constipation and acidity, inflammation and indigestion.
  • Sattu is rich in calcium and many other minerals and vitamins like iron, which help in blood circulation and can reduce inflammation. 
  • It also strengthens hair and improves skin quality as well. 
  • Sattu is a drink with a low-glycemic index and is considered beneficial for diabetes patients.

Sattu side effects

All good things have a bad side too. Sattu side effects include gas and bloating in case consumed in high quantities. People who suffer from gas must consume less quantity of sattu. Some health experts also say that people who have gallbladder and kidney stones should avoid Bengal gram sattu.

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