Here Are The Best Mustard Oil Benefits For Hair

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Mustard oil or ‘sarson ka tel’ is often used in cooking because of its health benefits. It contains monounsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial to keeping the heart hale and healthy, provided you do not consume too much of it. This particular oil has also been used as part of home remedies to treat colds, coughs, and even stomach issues like constipation and diarrhea.

But, not many people know about mustard oil benefits for hair and skin. This oil contains several properties that make it the perfect addition to your hair care routine. You can use this oil as a stand alone ingredient or in combination with other items to make your own hair masks!

How Is Mustard Oil Good For Hair?

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There are several mustard oil benefits for hair such as possible reduced hair loss, better hair growth, and prevention or delaying of greying. All in all, it leaves your hair feeling soft, smooth and thick by improving the health of it. With nourishment from the scalp all the way to the tips, you don’t have to worry about split ends, dandruff, or an itchy scalp anymore!

In this article on mustard oil benefits for hair, we will look into ways in which you can use the oil as well as methods of application. By the end of this list, you will know exactly why is mustard oil good for hair.

How To Get Mustard Oil Benefits For Hair

As we have discussed so far, there are several mustard oil benefits for hair. There are different ways in which you can use this oil to improve the health of your hair. There are two main options which have been listed below:

1. Apply to the scalp  directly

Mix equal quantities of mustard oil,  almond oil and olive oil and massage this gently onto your scalp for a relaxing head massage. Alternately, you can simply apply mustard oil straight to your head and leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing off.

2. Mix with ingredients and use as a hair mask

There are multiple variations of masks that you can try for the best mustard oil benefits for hair. For all of these masks, cover your hair with a towel for half an hour before washing off the oil with shampoo.

  • Mustard Oil and Curd: Take one teaspoon of mustard oil and two tablespoons of curd, mix well and apply liberally all over the scalp. The oil makes your hair soft and shiny while the curd keeps it well moisturized.

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  • Mustard Oil and Aloe Vera: This combination shouldn’t be used too often in order to see the best results. Nourishing and softening, using this mask thrice a month is sure to give you long, luscious hair.

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  • Mustard Oil, Lemon Juice and Fenugreek Powder: This hair mask is perfect if you have a dry scalp or a dandruff problem. The lemon in the mask gets rid of dandruff and works as a disinfectant. Using this mask once a week regularly will work wonders for your hair!

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  • Mustard Oil, Egg, Curd: Take one teaspoon of oil, two tablespoons of curd, and one egg. You can use the entire egg or just the egg white. The egg moisturizes your scalp and nourishes your hair, strengthening it.

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Irrespective of which way you decide to integrate mustard oil into your hair care routine, you will only see benefits from it. The oil acts as a natural conditioner because of its omega 3 fatty acids, and therefore smoothens your hair. It also strengthens your hair follicles, reducing the amount of hair you lose.

Mustard oil also contains minerals such as iron, magnesium, and calcium, vitamins such as K, A, D, and E in addition to antioxidants which are all boosters for strength and growth. Lastly, mustard oil has anti-fungal functions and improves blood circulation, reducing dandruff and a dry scalp.

It is amazing just how many mustard oil benefits for hair there are! This most basic ingredient that is present in all households can do wonders once you figure out how to use it to your advantage.

Keep in mind that as with any healthy solution, it may be some time before you see the results. Make sure to persevere and continue until you get the desired effects. Since these are home remedies, there are no side effects to worry about. However, if you feel discomfort, make sure to meet with a doctor and get an expert opinion. Go ahead, try these hair masks and see the mustard oil benefits for hair yourself!

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