Fenugreek seeds for weight loss - How does it aid you? - 24 Mantra Organic

Fenugreek seeds for weight loss - How does it aid you? - 24 Mantra Organic


Here’s how fenugreek seeds help in weight loss

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Belonging to the Fabaceae family, fenugreek, especially the organic variety, is a medicinal plant with a variety of uses (both its leaves as well its seeds). Be it traditional medicine, in the kitchen or for the purpose of external application – fenugreek seeds is quite the ubiquitous herb.

Aside from the Indian subcontinent, fenugreek is largely cultivated in Egypt and Middle Eastern countries as well. Its nutritious value makes it a rich source of antioxidants.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, fenugreek’s therapeutic benefits are crucial to alleviating a series of ailments such as cancer, diabetes, inflammation, ulcers, wounds, bacterial and fungal infections, oedema of the legs and weakness.

As such, this article will attempt to discuss how effective fenugreek seeds are in your weight loss journey.

Fenugreek seeds for weight loss

As per the research conducted by the US National Library of Medicine, fenugreek seeds act as an active ingredient in weight loss aside from being used as a component for the concoction of “anti-cholesterol ayurvedic formulation Ayurslim” (as part of the Himalaya Drug Company, located in Bangalore).

Studies indicate that the effects fenugreek have on your weight is mainly because the medicinal herb is known to possess antioxidant, hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic properties.

According to a study and the observations conducted by the Saudi Journal of Life Sciences, consuming fenugreek seeds reduces the body fat. The study goes on to state that there are mainly two ways in which fenugreek seeds work its magic.

  • The fenugreek seeds flush out all the carbohydrates from your body before it is able to enter your bloodstream, thereby resulting in weight loss.
  • The other possible mechanism that could be at play involves the soluble fibre (40%) present in fenugreek seeds. Research indicates that dietary fibre, and more importantly, viscous dietary fibre in the herb “increases postprandial satiety” while at the same time, it decreases normal hunger patterns usually displayed by adults.

The reason why this particular fibre behaves in such a manner is due to a gelatinous structure that forms around the fibre, thereby making the digestive process a slow one.

Moreover, the absorption of food from the intestine generates this idea of fullness in your stomach that might not have existed before. Consequently, your appetite is quelled, leading to subsequent weight loss.

Nutritional Information


Fenugreek seeds are a powerful source of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. Each tablespoon (11 grams) of the medicinal herbs contains the following:

Amounts Per Selected Serving %DV
Protein & Amino Acids
Protein 2.5g 5%
Calorie Information
Calories 35.5(149 kJ) 2%
From Carbohydrate 20.9(87.5 kJ)
From Fat 5.9(24.7 kJ)
Vitamin A 6.6IU 0%
Vitamin C 0.3mg 1%
Thiamin 0.0mg 2%
Riboflavin 0.0mg 2%
Niacin 0.2mg 1%
Vitamin B6 0.1mg 3%
Folate 6.3mcg 2%
Vitamin B12 0.0mcg 0%

Amounts Per Selected Serving %DV
Calcium 19.4mg 2%
Iron 3.7mg 20%
Magnesium 21.0mg 5%
Phosphorus 32.6mg 3%
Potassium 84.7mg 2%
Sodium 7.4mg 0%
Zinc 0.3mg 2%
Copper 0.1mg 6%
Manganese 0.1mg 7%
Selenium 0.7mcg 1%


Wrapping Up

Aside from having an array of health benefits, fenugreek seeds, especially the organic variants, are a rich source of a variety of vitamins, dietary fibres, minerals and nutrients and are also devoid of harmful chemicals. Not only do these herbs aid in your weight loss journey, but they also play a key role in alleviating a number of bodily ailments as well.


Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Fenugreek seed and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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