ultimate diet guide to boost your immunity - 24 Mantra organic

ultimate diet guide to boost your immunity - 24 Mantra organic


Here’s the ultimate diet guide to boost your immunity

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As the world wakes up to the reality of coronavirus, many people wonder how to stay healthy amid such a tough time. And while there is no vaccine for the virus, the best way to combat it is to be fit and healthy. That is why it is critical to adopt an immune-boosting diet that is well balanced. If you are wondering what kind of diet one should follow to increase immunity, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the different types of foods that constitute an immune-boosting diet. Load up on the immune-boosting diet to stay healthy and keep any kind of infections or fever far away.

Ingredients For Immune-Boosting Diet

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger is known for its medicinal properties and can be added to an immune-boosting diet in multiple ways. Whether you want to use it as a paste in preparing dishes or add it to your tea, ginger has components that have anti-inflammatory properties that help treat common cold and flu [1]. Since inflammation can negatively impact your body’s immune response, it is important to have anti-inflammatory ginger to boost your immunity.

2. Turmeric Milk

This bright yellow spice offers more than just colour to your regular meal. Having organic turmeric every day can help your body in more than one way. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin, which is also responsible for its colour. The easiest way to consume this root and create an immune-boosting diet is by having turmeric milk. This vibrant orange-yellow coloured spice not only reduces inflammation but also improves the health of your heart and combat many other ailments. It is also a natural antiseptic and is often applied topically to wounds.

Image source: Medical News Today

3. Citrus Food

Load up on citrus food like oranges and tomatoes to meet your daily vitamin C requirement. Since vitamin C is not produced or stored by the body, it is essential to have it every day. If you are feeling under the weather, then have an orange, Indian gooseberry, or even tomatoes to feel better and reduce the duration and severity of the flu. Vitamin C is also known to fight skin conditions such as scurvy and should be a regular part of your immune-boosting diet.

4. Water

Doctors always recommend having eight glasses of water every day to keep the body hydrated. Having good old H2O when sick can restore body fluids and drain toxins from the body in urine. You can also have warm water to sweat the toxins out and keep a healthy bowel movement. Whatever your preference, make sure to have water as an essential component of your immune-boosting diet.

5. Raw Honey

Having raw honey not only satiates your sugar pangs but also has a soothing effect. It can instantly relieve itchy and sore throat with its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Organic honey has many medicinal properties that help heal wounds, digestion, and overall gut health. It is also a rich source of antioxidants, which helps in fighting free radicals.

Image source: Elcamino Health

6. Liquorice

Also known as mulethi in Hindi, liquorice has many antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. Slightly sweet in taste, this spice is very effective for cough and cold and provides a soothing effect. If you feel you are coming down with the flu or any viral illness, then brew yourself a warm cup of liquorice tea. Liquorice also provides a soothing effect on gastric and abdomen troubles such as stomach ulcers and heartburn. When consumed regularly, it also provides respite from respiratory ailments.

7. Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods

The balance of bacteria in the gut greatly influences our immune system. An imbalance in the gut can have serious health repercussions, including, developing an autoimmune disorder. An unbalanced bacterial flora can house pathogens that can result in inflammation. Therefore, pay special attention to the gut by eating both prebiotic and probiotic foods. Flax seeds, chia seeds, apples, yoghurt, oats, barley, potato, bananas, garlic, kiwi are known to promote the growth of friendly bacteria and combat any digestive problems, thereby boosting immunity.

8. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds provide a distinct flavour and aroma when added to dishes. It is a natural ingredient that can be added to an immune-boosting diet for its variety of soothing effects. Since fennel seeds contain high amounts of phytochemicals, which act as antioxidants, it can be consumed by people suffering from conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, fevers, and stomach aches. It also has an abundance of flavonoids that are known to be anti-inflammatory agents. Consume them in powder form, as a whole spice, or dry roast them for a crunchy taste.

9. Dark Chocolate

The debate on whether to have dark chocolate or not seems unending, with studies claiming that having dark chocolates in moderation can have a positive impact on the immune system. Dark chocolate has an antioxidant called theobromine, which is said to boost the immune system by preventing damage to the DNA and protecting cells from free radicals that can contribute to disease [2].

However, it is not a good idea for diabetic or heart patients to have dark chocolates since they are high in calories, added sugar, and saturated fat.

Image source: Medical News Today

10. Star Anise

Organic star anise is the star of all the spices for its special compound called shikimic acid. This compound is a primary ingredient used for synthesizing antiviral drugs. Shikimic acid and other potent ingredients have amazing healing properties. You can use star anise to make delicious soups or any other dish to make it healthy, flavorful, and aromatic. It’s an ingredient for the immune-boosting diet that you wouldn’t want to miss.


So there you have it, folks. That was our take on the ultimate diet guide for boosting your immunity. Hope you had a ball, and remember, consume organic; stay healthy!

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