How Black Sesame Seeds Benefits Ayurveda | Sesame Seeds Benefits for Ayurveda

How Black Sesame Seeds Benefits Ayurveda | Sesame Seeds Benefits for Ayurveda

black sesame seeds benefits ayurveda

How Black Sesame Seeds Benefits Ayurveda | Sesame Seeds Benefits for Ayurveda

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Sesame seeds come are rich in several essential nutrients. With the help of sesame Ayurveda practices provide remedies for many ailments.  


Small yet loaded with health benefits, sesame seeds (Til) can take on many forms in our diet. Not only are they nutritious, but also quite flavourful, and add texture to other dishes. Since sesame is an oilseed plant, the seeds generate oil that is used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Read on to find out how white and black sesame seeds benefit Ayurveda practices.

  1.       Aid digestive function

Mainstream medicine says that sesame is rich in fibre and aids digestion. Ayurvedic sources have also identified what they term agni vardhak or digestive power. They even leave a sweet aftereffect after digestion (Madhur vipaka). 

  1.       Maintain hair and skin health

Sesame seeds are known to benefit hair growth and slow down the ageing of the skin. They work as a tonic for the hair (Keshya) and improve skin tone and complexion (Varnya). Black sesame seeds contain vitamin B and iron and possess antioxidant properties, which reduce greying and protect it from pollution. Its vitamin E and lignan content nourishes the skin and makes it soft and youthful. 

  1.       Promote healthy bones

Sesame seeds are bhagna prasadak, that is, good for the bones. Ayurvedic texts say that they promote bodily strength or balya. The high mineral content (especially calcium and zinc) of black sesame oil strengthens the asthi dhatu or bone tissue and is said to prevent osteoporosis.   

  1.       Contain antioxidants

Modern medicine identifies two types of antioxidants in sesame oil, sesamol and sesaminol, which help detoxify the body. This is very similar to what is known as vishghna in Ayurvedic medicine. 

  1.       Generate medicinal oil

Black sesame seed oil (Krishna Tila) is used to treat body aches and inflammation. The oil extracted from black sesame seeds benefits Ayurveda medicinal concoctions for the hair and skin, bones and teeth, and body massage.

According to ancient medicinal practices, black sesame seeds benefit in innumerable ways. Just as Ayurvedic medicine attempts to use natural products, the best way to utilise the health benefits of sesame seeds would be to go organic. 24 Mantra Organic provides only the purest quality of sesame seeds, using zero chemicals right from the time of cultivation to packaging. They take care of the smallest details from soil quality to farmers’ welfare and ensure maximum benefits for customers as well. Find this healthy and delicious product here!

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