How Can Wheatgrass Help With Weight Loss?

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Wheatgrass is the grass that is formed before the wheat berries germinate. It is a thick, and dry grass that has a bright green colour and sand-like texture. People usually consume wheatgrass as a dietary supplement in tablet or liquid form.  Since it is highly nutrient-rich and an excellent source of vitamins & minerals, it has emerged as one of the latest entrants in the health food domain.


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If you are wondering whether you can consume wheatgrass for weight loss, there’s some good news! Research published by the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research stated that regular wheatgrass consumption was proven to facilitate weight loss and improve the metabolism rate, leading to increased energy levels.

Benefits of Wheatgrass for Weight Loss

The research published by the PGIMER clearly states that regular wheatgrass consumption in a powdered form promotes weight loss. Aside from taking wheatgrass for weight loss, there are numerous other health benefits that regular wheatgrass consumption entails. Moreover, in patients with breast cancer, it helps in reducing myelotoxicity that results from chemotherapy.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of wheatgrass for weight loss:

  • Wheatgrass consumption in powdered form increases the metabolism rate that helps the body in burning off stored energy.
  • The nutrient density of wheatgrass is fairly high, which makes you feel full faster and keeps you satiated for longer.
  • In a study published in NCBI, it was proven that wheatgrass could boost your energy levels. This boost can be used to exercise and perform other daily activities that promote weight loss further.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of wheatgrass for weight loss, there are numerous other health benefits, as published in PGIMER:

  • In patients with Ulcerative Colitis, wheatgrass reduces the severity of rectal bleeding.
  • For Thalassemia intermedia patients, it proved to be an effective alternative to blood transfusion.
  • Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of wheatgrass, severe Rheumatoid Arthritis patients experience improvements in their bone and joint pains.

How to Take Wheatgrass Powder for Weight Loss

wheatgrass powder
Wheatgrass powder

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One of the primary consumption methods of wheatgrass for weight loss is by preparing smoothies or wheatgrass powder juice. If you are wondering how to take wheatgrass powder for weight loss, below are the steps:

  • Take two scoops of wheatgrass powder.
  • Put the two scoops of wheatgrass in a glass full of water and mix it vigorously.
  • Although completely optional, you can add Pineapple juice or Apple juice to make the smoothie more palatable.

For maximising the health benefits of wheatgrass powder, you should try to take at least one serving of wheatgrass smoothie every day or every other day.

Wheatgrass smoothie
Wheatgrass smoothie

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Alongside wheatgrass consumption, you can try making other changes in your lifestyle that facilitate weight loss that compliment your weight loss journey and help you in making the transition faster.

The smoothie does have an overpowering taste. Therefore, it is recommended that you mix a strong flavour ingredient to make it overcome some of the wheatgrass’s raw flavour.


As various studies have shown, regular consumption of wheatgrass for weight loss sure has a positive effect. It is one of the healthy diet constituents that promises immense medical and health benefits.

As research evolves, we may witness even more benefits of wheatgrass and how it helps in keeping your body healthy, fit, and disease-free. If we keep the wheatgrass taste aside, regular wheatgrass consumption can have numerous positive effects on your body.

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