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Importance Of exercise & Benefits


Importance of Exercise

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The benefits of physical activity have been known to humankind for centuries. Here are quotes stated by noted physicians from ancient times about the c and physical activity.

  1. Susruta who was a physician in 600 BC physician in India made his patients aware of the importance of exercise.
  2. Hippocrates (460–377 BC) stated that “in order to remain healthy, the entire day should be devoted exclusively to ways and means of increasing one’s strength and staying healthy, and the best way to do so is through physical exercise.”
  3. Plato (427–347 BC) observed that medicine was like a sister art to physical exercise.
  4. A very prominent ancient Greek physician Galen (129–217 AD) wrote several articles explaining the importance of exercise, aerobic fitness and strengthening muscles.

What is the importance of exercise and what is physical activity?

Exercise is a planned act of moving at specific speeds and for a given duration and/or against resistance.

Movement is a fundamental part of human existence. We move to make food, to get from place to place and for other activities and this type of functional movement is called physical activity.

There is convincing evidence of the value of regular physical activity and the importance of exercise in the primary and secondary prevention of several chronic diseases and premature death. Some of the chronic diseases which can be prevented or delayed if a person is physically active are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression, and osteoporosis. And hence the great quotes on the importance of exercise have found a place in every generation.

What are the advantages and importance of exercise?

When a person regularly exercises, it can provide him/her with a lot of benefits. Plan an exercise regimen with the help of an expert. The activity chosen should suit your age, physical condition, and any other specific requirements.

And here are some benefits for which we need to exercise

  1. Improved heart health Risk factors for cardiovascular diseases are the same all over the world. and this includes a sedentary lifestyle. As India has the dubious distinction of being the capital for heart diseases it is imperative that we realize the importance of exercise.
  2. Better weight management Is there, anyone, you know who is not worried about their weight? Either they are trying to lose weight or a few lucky ones are trying to maintain weight. Very rarely we come across someone trying to gain weight. How we wish we were in that category! for anyone who’s trying to manage weight irrespective of the category, you should stick a chart on the wall on the importance of exercise
  3. Improved body composition All of us would love to have a well-toned body with less fat and a decent amount of muscle tissue ·
  4. For a positive impact on bone, density Osteoporosis is a silent disease affecting a majority of women and a lot of men. importance of exercise includes better deposition of calcium and we better start it when we are young as it shows better results.
  5. For improved self-image, A well-toned body is a must for health with a bonus of adding to self-image which adds to the importance of exercise.
  6. For relaxation and stress-busting Exercise helps in relaxing after a stressful day. And if the entire family does it together then there is nothing like it. Take up swimming or cycling or trekking which the whole family can enjoy doing together and put to practice the importance of exercise.

Fitness programs which include physical activity can reduce the advancement of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. Not only physical benefits, but importance of exercise includes healthy cognitive and psychosocial function. so realize the importance of exercise and add some physical activity to your routine.

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