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It’s not uncommon to often hear our elders comment on the constantly degrading quality of food these days and its impact on everyday life. And no, we are not just putting fast food on the stand here. From vegetables and fruits to dairy and cereals, it’s the quality of everything that’s in question. And as parents, it becomes particularly difficult to deal with this problem. Growing up is the time when children need the best of nutrition – to a major extent, it defines their health parameters for the rest of their life. Low quality food is definitely not an option for kids of any age group.

Fortunately, there is hope. Rapid increase in awareness about organic food is not just a boon for the environment, but for us as well. As compared to its non-organic counterpart, organic food has far less probability of having any chemical residue. This reduces the chances of exposure to unhealthy and unwanted substances that may prove harmful in any way.

But is Organic Food Safe for Kids?

Absolutely! In essence, organic food is also like any other food product. The only difference is it is cultivated without the use of any artificial substances and chemicals – which only makes it safer compared to non-organic food.

Does It Improve the Health of the Child?

Answer to this question purely depends on your definition of health. Yes, the reduced chance of contamination from harmful substances is a big boon, but the dietary pattern also plays a very important role in the health of your kid. If you go to an organic store, you’ll find everything organic – from butter and cheese to cookie and cakes. There are also options like flax seeds, quinoa, oats, fruits, milk, and green vegetables. What really makes a difference is what you pick from the shelf.

All of us and kids in particular need a well-balanced diet to stay healthy and fit. But if that diet constitutes of all organic products, that’s even better. A well-balanced completely organic diet is the perfect recipe to avoid health risks and increase the quality of our everyday meals.

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