Know The Benefits And Side Effects Of Ragi

Know The Benefits And Side Effects Of Ragi

side effects of ragi

Know The Benefits And Side Effects Of Ragi

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Ragi is one of the healthy superfoods given to children due to its high nutritional content. As much as it provides amazing health benefits, there are side effects of ragi as well. This article is all about knowing the ragi benefits and side effects in detail.


Ragi is a healthy superfood cultivated in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa, India, and Sri Lanka. Known by the name finger millet, Ragi holds a host of benefits which include reducing the risk of heart disease, enhancing digestion, slowing down ageing, and managing diabetes. Let’s have a look at the benefits of ragi. 

Ragi benefits:

  1. Good for diabetesDiabetes is a state in which blood sugar levels are spiked. But incorporating ragi into your daily diet can help control blood sugar levels. 
  2. Helps in treating anaemia – Anaemia is a health condition caused due to iron deficiency. Ragi, being a rich source of iron, helps in a significant shoot in the haemoglobin. 
  3. Slows down the process of ageing – The antioxidant properties of ragi help in reducing the wrinkles and kills down the dead skin cells, thereby reducing the primary signs of ageing. 
  4. Aids in weight loss – Ragi has been super healthy taken by dieters as it helps in reducing fat in the body. 
  5. Good for high blood pressure – Ragi helps prevent hypertension and you can watch your blood pressure going down with the regular consumption of ragi. 

Side effects of Ragi:

Though ragi is beneficial in improving one’s overall health, excess intake can result in the following side effects of ragi:

  1. Kidney-related problems – People who already have an existing kidney problem, need to stop consuming Ragi due to high protein content, as it can dangerously affect the kidney functioning of their body. 
  2. Constipation – Those who have constipation problems, should avoid regular intake of ragi as it takes more time to get digested. 
  3. Diarrhoea – For people who have sensitive reactions to foods, need to take care when consuming ragi as it can cause diarrhoea and stomach gas in certain individuals. Therefore people who have gas problems should strictly avoid taking ragi frequently. 
  4. Thyroid – Ragi contains goitrogenic compounds that can worsen the thyroid condition in patients already suffering from thyroid related issues. Hence avoid taking ragi. 

Final word:

As each person is different from another, the chances of having these side effects also may vary. What one person has, will not be seen in another individual. That being said, while keeping in mind the side affects of Ragi, if you choose to consume Ragi, pick the best in the market which is 100% organic.  Hence, to ensure the best quality, buy 100% organic ragi for better use and healthy results.

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