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Own summer vegetable garden


Making Your Summer Vegetable Garden

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Summer is the perfect season to start vegetable gardening. Not all, but some vegetables are ideal for growing in your kitchen garden this summer. Even if you live in apartments or a balcony, you can make a small vegetable garden in your balcony as well. So let’s have a look at how you can grow a summer vegetable garden during this lockdown.

Consider following these steps before you start with a vegetable garden.


1. Choosing the location

The first and foremost step involved in choosing the right place for a summer vegetable garden. Look out for area where plenty of sunlight, space, and proximity to a water source is available. If you have a spacious kitchen backyard, see to it that the area you have chosen for gardening prevents soil erosion.


2. Choosing the vegetables

As mentioned above, not all plants can be grown in summer. Based on your climatic condition, soil type, space, and level of expertise, choose vegetables that easily yield during the summer. Beginners may consider starting with easier crops like tomato, carrot, beans, and lettuce.


3. Choosing the soil

The soil in your summer vegetable garden must have a mix of compost and natural fertilizers. This is to enhance the quality of the soil for the plants. Before you begin with gardening, prepare the soil by adding the required fertilizers.


4. Check out for weeds

An effective way to get rid of weeds is to do mulching. You can add a 2-4 inch thick layer of organic mulch to the soil to prevent the growth of weeds. Or else, if weeds start appearing in the garden, cut the stems sharply and make sure you have cut yanked them to extract the entire root.


5. Look for space

To grow your summer vegetable garden in a full-fledged way, make sure you give enough space between your plants. Crowded seedlings can hamper the growth and yield of vegetable produce.


6. Feeding fertilizers

Every day you water your garden doesn’t mean that the plants will yield fruits or vegetables. It is equally important to feed the soil with natural fertilizers like Epsom salt, fish tank water, eggshells, or kitchen waste. Rice water is one of the best natural fertilizers for the summer vegetable garden. The starches in the leftover rice water will encourage beneficial soil bacteria as well as helps to add a small amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to the soil.


Popular vegetables to grow during summer

  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Pepper
  • Beans
  • Melons


If you want to eat healthy and freshly produced vegetables, then planting your home garden is the best way to step forward to healthy living. These days even a small balcony turns out to be a fresh summer vegetable garden. But make sure you have that passion or interest in doing this stuff. This is because a person who nowhere cares about gardening will end up ruining the space and time.




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