Millet vs Rice – Are Millets Better Than Rice?

Millet vs Rice – Are Millets Better Than Rice?

millet vs rice

Millet vs Rice – Are Millets Better Than Rice?

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When it comes to our daily diet, there always have been serious talks regarding millet vs rice – are millets better than rice? Can millets be substituted for rice? 

Millets vs Rice, the debate still goes on for choosing one for another. When comparing the nutritional benefits and essential minerals, millets score a bit more than rice, and here’s why:

Compared to white rice or wheat, millets are high in fiber and control cholesterol and blood sugar. With millets, you eat slowly and consume less because of the fiber content. The process stimulates the digestive juices and ensures slow digestion, thus making you feel full for longer. They offer a huge array of health benefits. They prevent unnecessary oxidation and possess anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. 

Traditional varieties of rice are mostly pigmented and can come in colors like red, purple, black, etc. These pigments are actually what enhances the qualities and separate traditional rice varieties from white, even brown rice. Also, these days, the quality of traditional rice is way less as compared to organic rice. 

Which one is better – Are millets better than rice?

Both grains have benefits that make our body better and strengthen our immunity and digestive tract. Both rice and millets are gluten-free so are perfect for people suffering from celiac disease. 

  • Nutritional BenefitsMillets have a low glycemic index so they are perfect for diabetics, aids in digestion, detoxifies the body and significantly improves weight loss. Whereas pigmented rice has benefits ranging from improved eyesight, vocal clarity, and cooling sensation to the body. Pigmented rice with low sugar content is ideal for diabetics.
  • Nutritional Content When it comes to nutritional content, millets score high because they have the highest protein content compared to traditional rice. In addition, millets have a high amount of calcium, which is pretty less in number than traditional rice. 
  • TasteWhen it comes to taste, both are unique in their taste. Rice comes with a soothing aroma and flavor owing to the variety of flavonoids present. Millets, on the other hand, are soft and chewy. 

When comparing rice and millets, both are unique in their tastes and qualities. Each of them possesses different health benefits, which thus becomes hard to choose the right one. This solely depends on the individual tastes and preferences and its ease of use.

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