Organic is not tasteless – Bust your myths

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We have heard some people saying, “Organic tastes better than regular produce”, while some disagree and say there’s no difference at all and others say that “organic food has no taste at all”. Well, in majority cases, everyone is right in their own way since taste is a preference that varies from person to person. But, it is absolutely wrong, a myth, to think that organic food has no taste at all. After all, organic products are the same improved versions of non-organic food items that we have consumed over the years.

Similar to these myths, there exist many other rumours that are doing the rounds in people’s minds and it’s time that they are cleared. Organic products come with a range of health and environmental benefits which many are unaware of. To help you understand right from wrong here are some common myths busted for you.

Myth #1: Organic and Non-organic foods are equally nutritious


Not true, and this can be backed with evidence from an award-winning study by a Texas high-school student, Ria Chhabra, in contradiction to the 2012 study by the Stanford University researchers. The study observed that the consumption of organic produce resulted in longevity and health benefits. Organic foods are obviously more nutritious owing to the fact that they are grown in a much healthier environment with more natural methods. Though there might not be much difference in the number of nutrients, phosphorous in the organic products are found to be more.

Myth #2: Organic products are not worth the price


It’s true that the price of organic products is on the higher side but it’s only because they are organically produced. Also, taking into consideration the health benefits associated with the products, the money spent is worth every penny.

Myth #3: All products labelled organic are the same


There is still a lot of discussion going on about organic labelling and most people are confused because all the labels are almost similar. However, the fact, when it comes to choosing packed organic foods is to pick one that is marked “100%  organic”. The reason being that packaged food with an “Organic” label of 95% of organic ingredients could still be an indicator of the presence of some percentage of pesticides in them. Such packages are mostly marked as “Made with organic ingredients” label.

Myth #4: Organic food is just a marketing hype


While many people would debate that organic food products are just a marketing hype to earn more money, it is only a myth. Organic food is full of healthy nutrients that can assist in leading a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, there are norms and standards for growing and producing these products, which help in food and product safety, biodiversity and sustainability.

So these were some of the myths about organic food debunked and busted for you to know and understand before you jump into believing rumours. Going organic is the best choice you are going to make, for yourself and your family too.

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