Here’s all you need to know about consuming brown rice during pregnancy. - 24 Mantra Organic

Here’s all you need to know about consuming brown rice during pregnancy. - 24 Mantra Organic


Pros and Cons of Having Brown Rice During Pregnancy

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Rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, rice is the staple diet in many parts of the country. But during pregnancy, a woman has to exercise extra caution in whatever she eats.

While white rice is generally considered healthy, the refined grains may pose some vital risks during pregnancy. This is when brown rice becomes relevant.

Brown rice is a powerhouse of nutrients. It has important nutrient content like magnesium, selenium, and manganese, making it a superfood if taken in moderation.

Here are the benefits of eating brown rice during pregnancy.

  • Brings Down Bad Cholesterol Level

Brown rice contains an oil that is excellent to reduce bad cholesterol(LDL) while enhancing the level of good cholesterol (HDL). This prevents high blood pressure, which is known to lead to many complications during pregnancy.

  • Helps Combat Mood Swings and Insomnia

Due to hormonal change and anxiety about parenthood, pregnant women often feel stressed or emotionally depressed. Brown rice can come to the rescue here.

Brown rice contains melatonin, a sleep hormone that enhances the quality of sleep. This enables the expecting mother to have sufficient rest. Studies have also shown that consuming brown rice during pregnancy can help reduce mood swings, stages of depression, and fatigue.

  • Rich in Fibre

Brown rice is a rich source of fibre. The fibre content of brown rice not only gives you the feeling of fullness but also helps to balance blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels.

Constipation is definitely one of the most troubling conditions during pregnancy. Brown rice enhances bowel movement bringing relief from constipation. It further protects pregnant women from cardiovascular diseases as well.

  • Provides Instant Energy

Brown rice contains niacin, a coenzyme needed for energy production. It also has high amounts of carbohydrates, which is another good source of energy. Thus, eating brown rice during pregnancy will help to boost the energy level much needed in pregnant women.

  • Promotes Baby Growth

Brown rice is a rich source of magnesium and neurotransmitter nutrients.  Hence, eating brown rice during pregnancy aids in the brain development and future cognitive functions of the baby. Its rich vitamin B content also accelerates metabolism in the brain.

  • Helps in Controlling Body Weight

Too much weight gain is not desirable in pregnant women. It can lead to many pregnancy complications. The unwanted fat and extra kilos can be shed off through the consumption of brown rice as it keeps you full for longer.

Side Effects of Eating Brown Rice During Pregnancy

When consumed in moderation, brown rice is a nutrient-rich addition to your pregnancy menu. However, the daily consumption of brown rice during pregnancy is not considered safe.

This is because brown rice contains a high amount of arsenic in it. Arsenic is known to increase the risks of premature death of the fetus. Thus, overeating brown rice should be avoided.

The other possible side effects of consuming brown rice during pregnancy are:

  • There is a possibility of allergy if you’re consuming brown rice for the first time. In case of any discomfort, seek medical attention immediately.
  • If consumed in excess quantity, arsenic poisoning becomes the main concern and con of having brown rice.


Keep in mind the above pros and cons while consuming brown rice during pregnancy. Also, make sure to buy organic brown rice that is free from cancer-causing pesticides.

Get the taste of health and nutrient with organic purity!

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