Roasted Peanuts vs. Raw Peanuts – Which One Is The Best?

Roasted Peanuts vs. Raw Peanuts – Which One Is The Best?

roasted peanuts

Roasted Peanuts vs. Raw Peanuts – Which One Is The Best?

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When talking about the benefits of peanuts, there has always been great discussions going on whether roasted or raw peanuts are the best? But considering the factors and its essential nutrients, it is recommended to have raw peanuts. 


Peanuts are widely used as a healthy snack and the most loved snack among people of all age groups. Be it in the raw form, boiled, or roasted form, peanuts are power-packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that possess various health benefits. When talking about the varieties, they come in various forms such as raw, boiled, roasted, salted, flavoured, or plain. This article is all about knowing which form of peanut – roasted peanuts or raw peanuts is best to consume. 

Raw peanuts vs. roasted peanuts

Raw peanuts are the healthiest forms among the different varieties. And when coming to the raw form, peanut butter is yet another form of peanut product that offers healthy nutritional value to the dieters. 

Even if raw peanuts are healthy, people buy roasted and salted peanuts as they taste good, especially during cold windy days. Eating roasted peanuts is fine if taken in moderation. But consuming them in higher quantities can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. 

Whenever possible, try buying raw peanuts with skin attached as they contain antioxidants that help protect the body’s cells from damage from free radicals. 

Health benefits of raw peanuts:

  1. One cup of raw peanuts contains approximately 828 calories, 24 grams of carbs, 72 grams of protein, 10 grams of saturated fat and 12 grams of fibre.
  2. Raw peanuts contain a low amount of sodium and are cholesterol-free
  3. Being a low carb profile, raw peanuts are good for incorporating in weight loss diets. 
  4. Because raw peanuts contain high fat and calories, it is recommended to take them in small quantities or in conjunction with other foods. 

Health benefits of roasted peanuts

  1. The American Heart Association has certified that oil roasted salted peanuts are heart-healthy as it contains low sodium. Because around 28gms of roasted peanuts contains only 119 mg of sodium, it is considered to be a heart-healthy snack for adults. 
  2. Most roasted peanuts are cooked in peanut oil, which also contains the same heart-healthy mono-saturated fats in olive oil. Hence, roasting the peanuts in oil will not increase the overall fat content of peanuts. 

Bottom line:

That being said, whether raw or roasted, peanuts are an excellent source of cholesterol-free protein that helps maintain normal blood pressure and healthy weight management.

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