These Benefits Of Sesame Seeds Will Help You Stay Healthy In Winter

These Benefits Of Sesame Seeds Will Help You Stay Healthy In Winter

benefits of sesame seeds

These Benefits Of Sesame Seeds Will Help You Stay Healthy In Winter

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If you are looking for sesame benefits, sesame seeds are a good source of healthy fats, vital nutrients, and minerals that help in lowering cholesterol, combat arthritis pain, and control blood sugar levels. 


Now that the monsoon is nearing, people are preparing for the cold weather in different ways. To stay healthy and fit amidst Covid-19, during these chilled days it has become a prime concern for all of us. That being said, eating warm foods and drinks can keep you on the right track. From hot ginger tea to chicken curries, there are a lot of warming dishes that you must try out this winter. Here in this article, we shall be seeing the benefits of sesame seeds in winter:

  1. Helps to combat flu and fever – as we all know when there is winter, there is cold and fever, which can easily attack children. Sesame seeds are one of the important parts of monsoon dishes in different parts of the country. The immune-boosting properties of sesame seeds help to combat flu and cold. 
  2. Benefits of sesame to fight inflammation – sesame seeds contain several nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin B6 that help in fighting against inflammation. They help in dropping the levels of inflammatory markers, which thereby becomes helpful in treating pain related to arthritis which worsens during cold climatic conditions. 
  3. Aids digestion – sesame seeds are a great source of fibre that helps in better digestion and smooth bowel movement. During cold weather, it is quite common to have constipation as you might not be having foods which generate heat in the body. Thanks to sesame seeds, they contain rich amounts of unsaturated fatty acids to help resolve constipation issues. 
  4. Benefits of sesame in boosting energy – it is obvious that we feel very low energy during these chilled days. But with the help of omega-3 fat content in sesame seeds, your energy levels are boosted even during these winter days. 
  5. Helps control blood sugar – heavy workouts and physical exercises are done during chilled days. A spike in blood sugar levels, especially if you are someone fond of sweets and cakes, could be an added risk. Make sure to include sesame seeds in your daily diet to manage blood sugar levels healthily. 

Bottom line:

That being said, the sesame benefits are doubled, when having 100% organic sesame seeds. Being a rich source of protein they should be included in your winter menu. For every 30 grams of organic sesame seeds, you get about 5 grams of protein, which helps in building muscle mass and hormone balancing.

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