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Perfect Summer Food Options


Top 10 foods to enjoy this summer

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Summer is the perfect time to start your diet with some healthy fruits. Being more humid and sweating, the risk for health problems arise soon that includes skin problems, dehydration, Vitamin and mineral deficiencies and seasonal allergies. If you are someone looking for a twist in the summer food recipes, then keep reading further.


1.Tomato – Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C that help in reducing the risk for chronic diseases. They contain phytochemicals like lycopene that can even prevent cancer.

  1. Cucumber – cucumber is one of the most demanded veggies in the summer food list. As it contains 95% of water, cucumber is highly used during summer in salads and juice. People also eat a raw cucumber. It helps in improving heart health and lowering cholesterol.


  1. Watermelon – summer time means it melon time. Yes, people of all age groups love watermelon due to its crunchy texture packed with melted sweet water. It is one of the best summer food you can have stock of, as melons keep you hydrated and fresh for the day. For best results, have a refrigerated watermelon or juice.


  1. Oranges – not just for skincare treatment, oranges are also used for cooling the body during the sunny days. Oranges being rich in potassium, helps to reduce muscle cramps. Muscle cramps are a result of low potassium in the body caused by excessive sweating in the summers.


  1. Blackberries – berries – be it blackberry or raspberry; they are good summer food to have during the summer. With a rich source of fibre and Vitamin C, raspberries and blueberries keep you on a healthy track during your summer diet.


  1. Barley water – drinking two glasses of barley water a day to beat the heat. If you find the taste bland, you can add a drop of lemon or honey for taste. Since barley water is rich in fibre, it helps in easy digestion and prevents constipation.


  1. Mint lime juice – a glass of mint lime is a refreshing drink you can have for the summer. It helps to avoid dizziness and fatigue due to humidity.


  1. Apple, peach and fig – these fruits contain the right amount of Vitamin A and C, which promotes healthy skin. You can also include them in a pudding or dessert to have chilled summer food.


  1. Curd – Curd is an unavoidable dish in Indian summer food. Every household keeps stock of curd, especially during the summer. This protein-packed curd satisfies your appetite and adds a dose of probiotics. An upset tummy is one of the commonly seen health condition during the summer. Including curd/yoghurt in your daily diet can keep your digestive system run smoothly.


  1. Green leafy vegetables – when its summer, it’s time to include some body-cooling vegetables in your diet. Green leafy vegetables contain a good amount of water and hence ideal for hot and humid days, hence a great summer food. But make sure, you don’t overcook these vegetables as it could cause loss of water content in them.


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