Healthy hair and its needs are fulfilled by sesame oil for hair growth - 24 Mantra Organic

Healthy hair and its needs are fulfilled by sesame oil for hair growth - 24 Mantra Organic


Top benefits of sesame oil for your beautiful hair

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One such saint is quoted below:

“One who applies Sesame Oil on his head regularly does not suffer from headache, baldness, greying of hair or hair fall. The health of his hair and scalp is specially enhanced; his hair becomes black, long and deep-rooted. Applying sesame oil on head induces sound sleep and happiness.”

– Charak Samhita Sutrasthana


Sesame oil for hair growth is the best example of an organic product. It promotes sustainability and has shown proven results as a viable alternative to other types of oils like coconut oil and almond oil. The product’s purity and quality are maintained by using high-grade raw materials like black sesame seeds.

Composition of Sesame Oil 

Name of the fatty acid % Composition
Linoleic acid 41
Oleic acid 39
Palmitic acid 8
Stearic acid 5

Knowing the origin of the sesame seeds oil, you can be curious about the constitution and components, which sets it apart from the rest of the oils. The composition of sesame oil is such that it contains a large proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic oil. One of the most popular processes used to extract the oil from the sesame seeds is the cold press method.



The preservation of the product is relatively simpler. It is made up of an essential component called sesamolin, an anti-oxidant, hence protecting the oil from oxidative damage; thus, prolonging its shelf-life.

Also, sesame oil contains many omega-3-fatty acids, which are an excellent source of nourishment for the hair follicles and roots. It’s also enriched by the presence of zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, and iron, as well as Vitamin B-6.

Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair growth 

1. Hair Growth

Promoting hair growth is one of the foremost benefits. Sesame oil for hair growth stimulates the hair follicles and blood circulation and promotes growth by providing nourishment to the scalp. Studies have shown that sesame oil is a compelling long-term solution for treating hair fall and other hair-related problems.

2. Sunscreen for Hair

Sesame oil for hair growth works as a protective barrier against the harm caused by the ultraviolet radiation. It naturally provides extensive coverage and thus guards the hair follicles against the harmful effects of UV rays. Massaging with the oil helps form a layer around the hair, consequently acting as a blocking agent.

3. Anti-ageing

Premature greying and receding hairline are the most widespread problems faced by the Indian population. Grey hair is typical in old age, but with radical changes in lifestyle and surrounding environment, people are at risk of showing signs of ageing earlier than expected. Sesame oil for hair growth is filled with anti-oxidants, which, in turn, reduce the build-up of free radicals in the hair shaft. The result is natural-looking hair.

4. Anti-bacterial

Sesame oil for hair growth has anti-bacterial properties and prevents the harmful effects of bacterial growth. The scalp secretes sebum in response to the build-up which can prove cumbersome. Excessive sebum secretions lead to oily hair, which is prone to breakage.

5. Anti-inflammatory

The scalp can show inflamed regions or uncharacteristic redness either due to exposure to sunlight or due to an allergic reaction in response to chemicals and also, in the cases of infections. Sesame oil for hair growth proves to be an ultimate lifesaver in these scenarios. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce the inflammation and soothe the scalp.


6. Protective barrier

Men and women alike have developed a fancy for hair products that are packed with chemicals. They want shinier hair but are unaware of the long-term side-effects of the prolonged use of such harmful chemicals. Hair tends to dry out and become brittle, which makes it weaker. Specific hair colours damage the roots and prevent newer hair growth. Reduction in damage caused due to heat and chemicals is brought about by sesame oil for hair growth.

7. Healthy scalp

Head lice are undesirable and a clear indicator of the poor health of your scalp. They can spread and cause a wide array of problems if not dealt with at the start. Sesame oil for hair growth fights the lice effectively and keeps infections far away from the scalp.

8. Scalp nourishment

Sesame oil for hair growth is an effective treatment option for all dandruff related problems. The accumulation of dust and grime on the scalp can result in excessive dandruff. In winters, the problem is aggravated due to the dryness in the environment and the itching of the scalp caused for certain people.

9. Prevention of Hair Fall

Hair fall is a prevalent issue with the millennials. All of us lead a fast-paced life, and we have no time for self-care. Stress is a significant factor for unnecessary hair fall. Sesame oil for hair growth is a boon and helps in the prevention of hair fall. It has a higher penetration ability and provides vitality to the scalp. Hence, hair becomes more robust from the roots.

10. Shiny and voluminous hair

Sesame oil for hair growth adds shine and volume to your hair. When used religiously, it not only improves hair texture but also strengthens the hair strands. The outcome is healthy hair, which is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Being a natural option, sesame oil for hair growth is safe and eco-friendly. It can easily blend in with the other oils and make for a viable alternative to be used frequently. Organic products help in leading a holistic lifestyle and promoting the concept of oneness with nature.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s sesame seeds and savour the taste of organic goodness.

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