Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Food Production - 24 Mantra Organic

Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Food Production - 24 Mantra Organic

sustainable food production

What Is Sustainable Food Production And How Do We Do It?

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By way of sustainable food production, organic farming is a raging trend these days, with an increasing number of people joining the bandwagon of consuming healthy, organic produce. Sustainability of food and the issues concerning the environment go hand in hand in current times. And with rising concerns such as pollution, plastic waste, and global temperatures, people curious as to how the food that they consume is grown, whether it is grown using the means of sustainable food production or not.

In this context, organic food offers a much more sustainable and long-term solution to such problems.


Organic farming is one of the best ways to practice sustainable food production. Through this method, one can maintain soil health and simultaneously stop any harmful chemicals or pesticides from polluting and contaminating the water. This, in turn, results in greater biodiversity while releasing fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

So, what is sustainable food production?



By definition, sustainable food production is a method of food production that uses different processes and systems that serve the following purposes:

  • They are non-polluting
  • They conserve the natural resources and non-renewable energy
  • They are economically efficient
  • They are safe for farmers, consumers, and communities
  • They do not compromise the needs of future generations

Therefore, sustainable food production helps reduce the use of agri-chemical fertilizers and pesticides that deplete the soil over time, pollute water resources, and even cause soil erosion and deforestation. It will, instead, help to rebuild soil health naturally.


Whether something is sustainable or not depends on whether the thing could be enough for the present generation and last for future generations. When it comes to food, the need for sustainable food production is growing. With the renewable forms of energy, such as wind and solar energy, coming more into play, people worldwide are now looking to consume food that is grown without the use of oil-based fertilizers, chemicals, and cancer-causing pesticides. Organic food can be a better option for people since it is rich in antioxidants, has better taste and nutrition, and is great for the ecology.

How can we produce sustainable food?

There are several different ways in which we can practice and learn sustainable food production and thereby contribute our share in protecting the planet and making it a better place for our future generations.

One of the best ways to do so is by consuming more organic food, which is grown without any chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We can also practice crop rotation techniques and use manure to control pests, insects, and weeds instead of harmful medicines. This will reduce the pollution in water and soil resources and minimize the farmers’ and consumers’ exposure to cancer-causing pesticides.

Furthermore, farms that produce organic fruits and vegetables tend to use less energy and save non-renewable resources. This, in turn, leads to fewer greenhouse gas and carbon emissions, thereby fostering more biodiversity.

One can practice sustainable food production by planting cover crops during the off-season times, reducing ploughing or tillage, integrating livestock and crops, or adopting agroforestry practices, amongst others.


Sustainable food production, therefore, is the key for not just the present generations living healthier lives but also offering the same to the generations that are to come. With the help of organic farming, we create a better planet and offer safe food to future generations.

Additionally, by practising sustainable food production, we also support local farmers, thereby giving them better lives. This method of food production is the one solution to most of our health-related issues when it comes to food since it eliminates the harmful chemicals from our diet and provides us with more nutrition.

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