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Many people hold the opinion that organic food should be cheaper than non-organic food because there is a minimum to no expenditure on chemical fertilizers or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). However, what we fail to understand is that organic food requires more time and effort to produce. Furthermore, there are many other factors that need to be considered for labeling a product as 100% organic.

And since not all consumers are aware of these factors, here are some reasons why organic foods are more expensive than conventional ones.

The Need for Certification

Organic foods need to be certified 100% organic by the governing body. Getting this certification is a time-consuming and costly affair. In India, since July 2018, new government regulations need an individual or institution to undergo two difficult processes. First, to get a one-year validity certificate under the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). The procedure costs between ₹15000-  ₹20000 and would require one to wait for one year to get the certificate. The second option is free and is called the Participatory Guarantee System-India (PGS).  Under PGS, a group of farmers come together and vouch for each other’s produce. The farmers need to wait for three years to get a certificate. So, we can say that the money we spend on organic food is worth the hard work put in by our farmers.

The Need for More Time

The main difference between conventional and organic produce is the time that goes into growing them. Conventional methods of farming use chemicals and pesticides for boosting growth. Organic farming is done without the use of any artificial additives or adulterants.

Space Needed for Organic Farming

Organic farming requires to be done on a pesticide-free land, with equipment and facilities that involve high expenses. Furthermore, not all organic operations are large scale, which means that farmers have to share space with conventional farmers and take care that their products are not mixed-up. This becomes more time-consuming.

Health Benefits

According to the scientific reviews by Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, it has been concluded that due to consumption of conventionally grown foods, we are at risk of pesticide exposure and susceptible to many health issues. Some of these health issues include infertility, cancer, and neurotoxicity. 100% certified organic products propose a solution to this growing problem of exposure to pesticides.

It is true that organic food requires you to spend a little extra but it really is worth every penny especially when we can evade major health problems with their consumption. 24 Mantra offers a range of 100% certified organic products, know more here: www.24Mantra.com

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