Clove Oil for Skin - Here's What You Need To Know - 24 Mantra Organic

Clove Oil for Skin - Here's What You Need To Know - 24 Mantra Organic


Your Ultimate Guide for Using Clove Oil for Skin

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We have all noticed the flavour that a small clove can add to our diet, but the extract-oils from the trees and seeds can bring much better lifestyle changes. They are widely used to cure digestion problems, dental pain, and also skin issues. Using clove oil for skin is safe, convenient, and completely affordable.

Before we jump into its benefits, it’s essential to know the source of your oil. Ensure you only purchase the oil from an organic and naturally obtained source. Clove oil mixed with additives and chemicals can reduce its power and provide you minimal or no effects.

Most organic products are natural, and a few additives allow your body to absorb the full benefit. Especially with clove oil for skin, you do not want to expose your skin to any harmful toxins or chemicals added to the oil.


Useful Research On Efficiently of Clove Oil For Skin.

Cloves as a spice are rich in qualities of all types. They have excellent Vitamin K and potassium levels, which help enrich the skin and enhance the blood flow. When applied to the skin, they also relieve muscles from cramps and aches and give better healing.

The presence of Eugenol gives the healing nature to clove oil for skin. They act as an antiseptic that repairs damage and provides straight to tissues.

Research in 2017 shows that clove on itchy skin gave much better relief compared to balms and other natural oils. It thus proved that clove oil could be an effective way to fight chronic pruritus.

They also contain antifungal and antibacterial properties that cleanse the skin and stop the development of infectious ailments.

Uses of Clove Oil For Skin.

Here are a few ways in which clove oil for skin works the best.

1. Excellent Moisturization

As the winter rolls around, and the air gets dry, your body’s natural oils are not sufficient to hydrate the skin. Most people rely on lotions in such a time. However, these creams are filled with perfumes and additives that could harm the skin in the long run.

Using clove oil for skin dryness is a long-used natural remedy. These oils contain essential vitamins that provide the skin with a balance. And have a pleasant fragrance that does not affect your senses for daily use. The ideal way to use it is by dabbing some on a cotton ball or a cloth and spreading it on your skin. You can also mix them with rose water and spray on your skin.

2. Reduce Marks

If you were to look at a bottled medication for stretch marks and baggy eyes, you would notice that clove oil is an important ingredient. Clove oil possesses healing properties needed to fight stretch marks, dark circles, puffy eyes, and skin colourations.

They also work as an anti-ageing oil as they retain the skin’s texture and allow the skin to replenish itself from the daily exporter to sun and dust.

3. Fight Acne.

If you are fighting acne, then clove oil for skin is the best route for you. When your skin’s pores are blocked, or not received enough blood flow, it causes acne. This further causes your face to have odd-looking marks and pigments.

The use of clove oil is the best way to fix this. Since the oil is rich in antifungal and antibacterial qualities, it fights the acne-causing agents at the roots. They also have Vitamin K and Vitamin A, which enable better circulation in the body. These actions allow the oxygen-rich blood to reach your pores and give life to your skin.

4. Exfoliates Skin

When dead tissues are left unattended, it can lead to dull and ageing skin. This issue is avoidable by the regular use of natural and organic clove oil in your face-wash routine. Add a few drops of authentic clove oil to lukewarm water.

Use this to rinse your skin after a long day. The healing qualities in the oil will wash away all the harmful dirt from your skin. The antiseptic nature of this oil will also keep your skin fresh and less susceptible to pigmentation and skin disease.

Interesting Fact About Clove Oil

Clove has been used as a primary ingredient in Chinese medical herbs for many years. Even in the Indian kitchen, the use of cloves has been ubiquitous. But are they medically advanced?

A series of experiments conducted on cancer cells reviewed that the use of clove extracts inhibits cancer cell growth.

This research concluded that the prolonged use of clove oil on your skin could reduce the skin’s impression of the harmful rations and cellular irregularities.

What You Need To Know When Buying Clove Oil

Once you take a step towards getting some clove oil for skin revitalization, here are few factors to keep in mind.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight. If possible, store it in a dark bottle and keep in a cabinet away from light. The light can deteriorate the qualities of the oil.
  • The scent of clove oil is very distinct; if they smell like added perfumes or flavours, do not buy them. Depend on reliable sources and naturally sourced clove oil for skin for best results.
  • Buy pure oil, mix later. If you plan to mix clove oils with others for skin and hair, buy the 100% natural oil. Buying pre-mixed oil can open the floor to contamination.
  • Use clove oil mixed with coconut oil for ideal moisturization. You can also mix it with other natural oils like olive oil. When you use clove oil for skin, you can also add it to rose water and spray it.

Final Thoughts

Clove oil can also be used as a natural essential oil in your room as a diffuser or a perfume. They are rich in caryophyllene, which has robust anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. These will stimulate a better circulation of blood in your body without having to put any effort.

The utility of clove oil for skin is endless, and the effects can be seen within a few weeks of usage. Try for yourself, but keep in mind that that you buy from a reliable source.

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