One doesn’t need to be a health freak to have heard of the benefits of green tea! Green tea contains antioxidants that eliminate toxins which would otherwise damage internal organs.

  1. The antioxidants also have anti-aging effects
  2. Green tea is said to increase energy levels and lower blood sugar levels
  3. It helps with weight loss by reducing the absorption of fat from the intestine
  4. It boosts metabolism
  5. It helps to fight against cancer and heart disease

However, you need not to stick to the basics with this one. If you want to experiment with the flavours, you can go right ahead. Here are some simple green tea recipes that you can try out on your own:

  1. Green tea smoothie

Yes, cool things can be made with green tea too! This delicious drink consists of coconut milk, banana, lemon juice, frozen organic peaches, baby spinach, honey, and matcha powder. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a finely ground whole green tea leaf. Blend all these ingredients together until smooth, and your healthy drink is ready.

  1. Green ginger mint tea

The name itself spells great health in every word. This teabag mix is made using dried tangerine rinds, sliced ginger, spearmint leaves, and green tea leaves. Once they’re brittle, they’re broken into small pieces and mixed together in a bowl, and then packed into airtight containers or bags.

  1. Warm honey green tea

This comforting beverage uses water boiled with lemon and orange peel. Then green tea bags are steeped in this water after which honey is added. It is a perfect concoction for throat relief.

  1. Apple iced green tea

Along with green tea, this recipe includes cinnamon, lemon juice, and apple juice. Boil the cinnamon sticks with water and then steep the green tea bags in it. Strain, add the other ingredients and serve with ice.

  1. Blackberry mojito tea lemonade

The colours in this one are absolutely gorgeous! Boil mint leaves and green tea bags in water, and add blackberry and lime juice to it after cooling and straining. Mix hot water with sugar, add lemon juice and some cold water. Combine these two mixtures (blackberry tea and lemonade) and chill. Add ice before serving.

If you noticed, all the delicious recipes listed out above are made using healthy ingredients. All these beverages satisfy your taste buds as well as your bodily requirements. You can experiment with various other flavours, just ensure to not be too generous with the sugar.

Make the recipes healthier by choosing all organic ingredients. Organic green tea, organic fruits & vegetables, organic honey, and organic sugar. Hold the promise of freshness and great health. 24 Mantra offers a range of certified organic products. Know more here: https://www.24mantra.com/products

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