The effectiveness of coriander seeds weight loss solution - 24 Mantra Organic

The effectiveness of coriander seeds weight loss solution - 24 Mantra Organic


Can Coriander Seeds Help Weight Loss?


When you are going that extra mile to get back in shape, every bit counts. From consuming a well-balanced diet to sticking to the workout regime, losing weight is not a straightforward task.

It is also imperative to understand that you cannot shed those stubborn kilos miraculously overnight as it demands rock-solid patience and dedication.

Keep note that all the exercise in the world cannot help you lose weight if your dietary intake is not healthy or devoid of junk. To speed up the weight loss journey, you can add food products that spike up your metabolism rate and assist in burning fat. Organic food is a brilliant option in such cases due to them being free of harmful chemicals.

Weight loss routine with coriander


It is troublesome to imagine an Indian kitchen devoid of coriander leaves, coriander powder or coriander seeds. They say coriander is one of the oldest spices ever known to humans.

Coriander holds significant value in Ayurvedic medicine. Coriander comes packed with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Various studies have proven that coriander can regulate cholesterol, stimulate appetite and also boost digestion.

Reasons for the effectiveness of coriander seeds in  weight loss

Coriander and its seeds stimulate digestive enzymes and juices, which throttle up our digestive system. They are an excellent source of fibre as well.

A healthy digestive system is one of the most crucial steps to weight loss. Poor digestion can cause weight gain, as we cannot absorb and assimilate our nutrients adequately.

A sluggish digestive system might not be competent enough to eliminate waste from your body efficiently.

The inadequacy of swift digestion may lead to the retardation of the metabolic rate, making it more difficult to burn calories sufficiently.

Coriander – A Detoxifying Agent


Coriander, commonly known as dhania in Hindi, possesses magical medicinal properties such as weight loss. The leaves of this plant hold the quercetin pigment, which has antioxidant as-well-as anti-inflammatory effects.

Coriander is the best natural chelating agent. A chelating agent means that it is the best substance that cleanses the body of heavy metals and toxins. With the body being able to remove the toxins efficiently, weight loss gets an accelerated head-start.

Coriander seeds weight loss from micronutrients

The micronutrients present in coriander are prerequisites for the appropriate burning of glucose.

Coriander leaves retain an essential element known as quercetin, which accelerates metabolism. The coriander seeds weight loss is extremely effective if followed regularly, with strict control over diet.

Coriander is also a rich source of magnesium. It contains a fair quantity of Vitamin B, especially folic acid.

The body cannot produce energy molecules unless the availability of magnesium is feasible to get attached to it. Therefore, for the energy to burn (glucose), magnesium is crucial.

Researchers have also observed that when you burn the glucose, the body produces reactive oxygen species that need to get quenched. This function gets executed by antioxidants of which, coriander is an excellent source.

Numerous studies have proven that this herb has the potency to stimulate your appetite and aid your digestion. It is a fact that a healthy digestive system can lead to successive weight loss.

When your gut is not functioning well, it could retard the metabolic rate, leading to unexplained weight gain as its direct consequence.

How to make coriander water for weight loss?

Coriander leaves-infused water can replace all your high-calorie beverages. Throw in a few leaves in a tumbler of water and continue sipping into this low-cal beverage throughout the day.

Preparing coriander water for weight loss serves as a splendid detox drink as well. Detoxing food substances help eliminate all excess toxins and enables you to feel light and contribute to weight loss.

There are two super simple ways in which you can use dhania to make a phenomenal detox drink:

  1. Soak about 10-20 coriander leaves in water overnight.
  2. Strain and drink the water solution the next morning on an empty stomach.
  3. You can even add a tablespoon of lemon juice to enhance its taste and add some extra health benefits.
  4. Wash the leaves well and grind them in a blender.
  5. Add half a cup of lukewarm water, a tablespoon of lemon juice and honey for a better taste.
  6. Consume this mixture on an empty stomach every morning.

All you need to do is take one tablespoon of coriander seeds and boil some water. Place the seeds in the boiling water and let it bubble for about a minute.

Pull away the water from the flame and let it cool. Keep the water with the coriander seeds immersed in it overnight and filter the water in the morning.

The preparation of dhania water for weight loss is a healthy and natural way to get rid of the excessively accumulated fat in your body.

Important note: If you are pregnant or looking forward to getting pregnant, it is firmly advisable to call in your medical expert when considering the consumption of coriander leaves every day.

Coriander seeds weight loss – Indirect Contributions

Here are some health benefits of consuming coriander seeds that indirectly trigger weight loss –

  • Boosted Digestion Rate

Coriander seeds are marvellous for all your intestinal issues such as bloating, gastric, diarrhoea, nausea and many others.

It is a unified solution for almost all digestion related issues. It contains dietary fibre and is also a rich source of antioxidants.

These nutrients help in producing digestive hormones that stimulate a better liver function.

  • Lower Cholesterol

Coriander seed helps in cutting down bad cholesterol and promotes the production of good cholesterol in the body.

Coriander is rich in copper, iron, zinc, and other vital minerals that increase RBC and improve heart health. Coriander seeds also boost the overall metabolism.

  • Treats Diabetics

Coriander seeds aid weight loss and reduce unwanted fat from the body by treating diabetes. They are a rich source of antioxidants and other essential vitamins that help in regulating blood sugar levels in the body.

Final Words: Is the coriander seeds weight loss method effective?

Coriander is rich in many micronutrients that trigger weight loss, and thus, is an effective solution to cut down the extra kilos from your body.

Coriander also treats other disorders such as cholesterol imbalance, diabetes, and the digestion rate, all of which contribute indirectly to weight loss.

Try 24 Mantra Organic’s Coriander Seeds and Savour the taste of organic goodness.



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