Learn How to Make Kasuri Methi at Home - 24 Mantra Organic

Learn How to Make Kasuri Methi at Home - 24 Mantra Organic


How to Make Kasuri Methi at Home (With Tips)


Kasuri Methi is a household name for dried fenugreek leaves. The dried herb is more potent and bitter than its fresh counterpart. It has a strong fragrance and lends a distinct flavour to every dish where it is added. You can add it to snacks (like matthi), paratha, rice preparations, and even curries, like Butter Paneer and Butter Chicken. Just a hint of this simple herb can amp up the flavour profile of your dish.


While Kasuri Methi is readily available at stores, did you know that you can learn how to make Kasuri methi at home?


The process of how to make Kasuri methi is rather easy. All you need is some in-season fenugreek leaves and some time, and you can make this herb at home! In fact, this trick on how to make Kasuri methi can help you make use of the leftover methi.

How to Make Kasuri Methi at Home: Preparation

Before we get started with how to make Kasuri methi, here is how you can prepare:

  • Get fenugreek leaves (methi sabzi) during its peak season. In this way, you will get your hands on some of the freshest produce, which will last you longer.
  • Pluck the methi leaves right at the base of the leaves and discard the central, thick stem (you may keen the tender ones). Remove any rotten or slimy leaves from the lot.
  • Rinse the methi leaves thoroughly under running water. Make sure that you have gotten all the dirt and impurities off the leaves.
  • Soak them in saline water for at least 10 minutes, and then rewash them.
  • Air-dry the methi leaves. Alternatively, you can pat dry the leaves using clean kitchen towels.
  • Chop the methi leaves roughly (optional). Once again, pat it dry using kitchen towels.

How to Make Kasuri Methi at Home: Sun-Dried Method

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make Kasuri Methi at home using the sun-drying technique:

  1. Spread out the methi leaves over a parchment sheet or newspaper. You may even spread them over a highly absorptive cloth. Place it in a tray.
  2. Cover the leaves with a thin layer of cloth.
  3. Keep the tray out in the sun. Ensure that the leaves are covered at all times and are not directly exposed to the sun’s rays.
  4. Air them out in the sun for at least 3-4 days.
  5. Sieve the Kasuri Methi and store.

How to Make Kasuri Methi at Home: Oven-Dried Method

If the weather conditions are such that you cannot sun-dry the Kasuri Methi, then we have another trick for how to make Kasuri Methi at home. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees.
  2. Line a baking tray with some parchment sheet or silicon mat.
  3. Spread out the fenugreek leaves on the surface.
  4. Put the leaves to bake for about 6-8 minutes and keep stirring them after every 1-2 minutes for even heating.

Kasuri Methi Storage and Usage Tips


Now that you know how to make Kasuri methi at home, all you need to do is store it with care to increase its shelf life. Here are some tips on storing  and using Kasuri Methi:

  • If you feel that your dried fenugreek is too coarse, then you can microwave it for 1 minute at 30-second bursts and crush it after letting it cool completely.
  • Place the Kasuri Methi in a clean, air-tight container. Clasp the lid tightly and ensure that no moisture can enter the jar. Alternatively, you can store the Kasuri Methi in a ziplock bag.
  • When stored in a cool, dry location at room temperature, the Kasuri Methi will comfortably last you at least a month. You may then move it to your refrigerator to increase its shelf life by another six months.
  • Always dry your hands before reaching into the jar or bag to get a pinch of the herb. Whenever possible, use a clean, dry spoon to extract the desired amount of Kasuri Methi and reseal it immediately.
  • Gently crush the dried leaves between your palm before adding the Kasuri Methi to your dishes; it will enhance the aroma and the flavour.

In case you are looking for Kasuri Methi that is at par with the kind you can learn how to make Kasuri methi at home, then you may purchase organic Kasuri Methi. Organic methi is grown in farms that practice sustainable, organic farming. As a result, no harmful pesticides or insecticides are used during crop cultivation. Further, organic Kasuri Methi leaves are processed in a sterile environment without any chemicals. Hence, every gram of organic Kasuri Methi promises the same level of purity and cleanliness as that you would make at home.


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