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Organic Dal Makhni


Organic Dal Makhani recipe



  • Wash and soak black urad dal ( black gram) overnight.
  • Cook the soaked dal in 5 cups of water with salt and red chili powder till beans are tender and creamy in pressure cooker it approximately 25 minutes.
  • After the dal is cooked, let the pressure cooker sit for a while so as to release the pressure on it’s own.
  • Take out about 1/2 cup of dal and blend it in a blender jar, keep it aside.
  • If cooking in a slow cooker, it takes about 7-8 hrs to cook dal makhani in slow cooker.
  • When dal is cooking you can prepare the tempering for dal makhani.
  • Take a thick bottom pan, heat the butter or ghee, add chopped ginger and fresh tomato puree. (If you are adding garlic you can add sliced garlic first before adding ginger and tomato puree)
  • Saute till tomatoes are well mashed and butter separates, add boiled black gram dal and mix well.
  • At this stage also add, blended dal and 3/4 cup full cream milk and let the dal simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Serve it topped with 1 tbsp of fresh butter with Paratha or Nan.


  • Now conventionally when you are cooking makhani you do not bother about the amount of cream or butter that goes into it, but since I am trying to eat healthy, I tried this substitution instead of adding cream I used ¾ cups of milk and that worked quite well for this dal.
  • I used Organic Ingredients from 24 Organic Mantra, Whole BlackGram dal, Spices, etc for this dal makahni recipe.

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