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Organic Little Millet Dosa With Pudina Chutney


Organic Little Millet Dosa with Pudina Chutney



  • Wash the millet and dal in a steady stream of water and soak them together along with the methi seeds with enough water to cover them. Keep covered for 4 to 6 hours.
  • In a separate container soak the flattened rice for 1 hour.
  • Drain the excess water and grind everything together to get a smooth paste.
  • Add the salt, mix well and keep covered for 18 to 24 hours until the batter ferments nicely.
  • After the batter is ready, keep a tava or a griddle on medium low heat. Once the pan is hot, sprinkle some water and if the water sizzles, your pan is ready to use.
  • After the water evaporates, reduce the heat and smear the pan with a little oil with the help of a cut potato. You can prick a fork to one end of the potato to control the movement.
  • Pour a ladleful of batter and smear the batter with the base of the ladle in concentric circles to get a round shape.
  • Spoon a few drops of oil around the edges of the dosa. Cover and cook for a minute or two or until the dosa is golden brown in colour.
  • After the dosa is golden brown, flip it over and cook again for a minute.
  • Loosen the sides of the dosa, fold it into a semi circle and lift it out of the pan.
  • Serve hot with pudina chutney or any other chutney of your choice.

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