Organic Persian Jewelled Rice



  • To make the fruit mixture:
    In a heavy pan, add 1/2 tsp butter and add the dryfruits (almond, cashew and pistachios), followed by raisins at the end. remove and set aside when roasted.
  • To prepare the orange peels
    Take some water in a pan, about 1 cup. When it comes to a boil, add the orange peel and let it cook for 1 min. Drain and rinse with cold water to remove the biterness from the peel.
  • To make the saffron water:
    Start by boiling 1 cup water in a large pot. Add salt, saffron and let it come to a boil. Keep warm. In another pan, boil some water and add the rice to it. Let it cook for just 5 mins, parboiled, Drain and keep aside.
  • For cooking the rice
    Heat the butter in a heavy dutch oven or pot with a tight fitting lid. Add all the aromatics like the cardamon, cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon and bayleaf to it. Now add the onion slices to it and saute till done. Add the par boiled rice to this. Add the dry fruits mixture, orange peel, apricot and cranberries to this. Now add the saffron flavored water to this rice. Let it come to a boil. Then cover it with a towel or foil and cover with a tight lid. Let it cook on low heat for 25 mins. Turn off heat. Let it sit undisturbed for 30 mins, before opening. The bottom will have formed a layer. While serving, dig into the pot making sure you get some crust along with your rice serving. Garnish with more dry fruits if desired. Enjoy!!

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