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Tasty & delicious veg kofta recipe


Organic Vegetable Kofta Balls in Tomato Sauce



for the veg kofta recipe

Make the sauce:

  • Wash the tomatoes, scoop out the eyes and quarter them. Peel and chop the carrots. Place the tomatoes and carrots in a pressure cooker and cover them with water. Pressure cook until the first whistle and then turn off the heat, for the first step of this veg kofta recipe.
  • Allow to cool and blend to a fine puree.
  • In a pan, heat the oil and once the oil is warm enough, add the bay leaf and the ground tomato puree.
  • Put in the cayenne or red chili powder, freshly ground black pepper, and sugar. Season with salt and boil for 5 minutes or until the sauce is nice and thick.

Make the kofta balls:

  • Grate the veggies in a bowl. In another bowl, put in the gramflour, salt and all the spices and mix well. Put in the grated veggies and mix until the flour and veggies are well combined. Add more flour if required. Keep in mind, for this veg kofta recipe, do not over mix or over knead the dough as over kneading makes the dough sticky and difficult to handle.
  • Make small balls or koftas and bake them (at 180 C for about 20 minutes), fry them in an appa chetty or aebleskiver pan or deep fry the koftas in hot oil.
  • Mix in the koftas into the tomato sauce. Serve over spaghetti, pasta, quinoa or millets.
  • If you use watery vegetables, the amount of gramflour used solely depends on the water content of the vegetables used.

A healthy veg kofta recipe is ready to serve.

Reference : https://www.divinetaste.com/vegetable-kofta-balls-in-tomato-sauce/?utm_source=24mantra.com&utm_campaign=organic_mantras&utm_medium=microsite

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