Make peanut butter at home with raw peanuts | 24 Mantra Organic

Make peanut butter at home with raw peanuts | 24 Mantra Organic


Super easy receipies to make peanut butter at home with raw peanuts


Do you enjoy spreading scrumptious peanut butter on slices of bread or tortillas? If you are someone who enjoys the wholesome goodness of peanut butter every day, you definitely need to check out this home-made peanut butter recipe!

Preparing a peanut butter recipe at home is amazingly simple, and the nutrient fortification that you can ensure is a cherry on the top. Moreover, since you are the one in charge of sourcing and processing all the ingredients, there is an added benefit of guaranteed purity.


Once you get a hang of the peanut butter recipe at home, the store-bought alternative would just not feel satisfying. The home-ground natural and aromatic peanut butter taste is sure to linger on your taste buds.

The steps involved in preparing a peanut butter recipe at home are not too cumbersome and can be easily followed by almost anyone. Let’s have a look at the ingredients required to make peanut butter at home, along with the preparation steps.

Ingredients For Peanut Butter Recipe At Home

The peanut butter recipe is very simple, and so is its ingredient list. Peanuts are the primary constituent of the butter, and adding oil is completely optional. So, the ingredient list goes like this:

  • 2 cups of raw organic shelled peanuts (unsalted)
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil or canola oil (optional)
  • 1-2 teaspoons of pure honey


You’ll also need a high-speed blender (or food processor). Organic peanuts are a nutrient powerhouse and are perfectly suitable for inclusion in your everyday diet plan. Hence definitely pick up the organic variety while making this recipe.

Organic food varieties are not only free from harmful chemicals or pesticides, but their sustainable farming techniques are beneficial for the planet in the long run. Moreover, these are cultivated with strict adherence to international farming guidelines that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in their non-organic counterparts.


Now we have our ingredients sorted, let’s move on to the preparation steps.

Peanut Butter Recipe At Home | Preparation Steps

Although the peanut butter recipe is simple, there are a few intricacies involved that must be taken care of to ensure that your peanut butter attains optimal flavour. Here are the steps to prepare a peanut butter recipe at home.

  • Roast the shelled peanuts for 3-5 minutes in a pan while stirring constantly. Ensure that you roast the peanuts until they turn slightly brown and start giving out a nutty aroma.
  • Allow them to cool down before putting them in the blender.
  • If you are fond of crunchy textures, put around 1/3 cup of roasted peanuts in the blender and pulse for 8-10 times until the peanuts get chopped into very fine pieces.
  • Take the peanuts out from the blender and store them for later.
  • Now, take the remaining roasted peanuts and put them in the blender.
  • Start the blender and blend the peanuts for around a minute.
  • Open the blender and with the help of a spatula (or spoon), scrape the sides of the blending jar.
  • Blend the mixture again for 3-5 minutes, or until the peanuts achieve a pasty texture.
  • Now, add the salt, oil and honey to the mixture and pulse for around 30-40 seconds.
  • For added crunchiness in our peanut butter, open the blender and add blended peanuts that we kept aside earlier and pulse for 10 seconds.
  • Your peanut butter recipe at home is ready!


Peanut butter has an 80% & 20% balance of unsaturated and saturated fats that makes it spreadable at room temperature. If you want to soften the butter a bit more, you can always add more olive oil or canola oil to the mix and attain a velvety soft texture.


You can store peanut butter in a refrigerator for up to a month. However, if you prepare peanut butter at home, and store for a prolonged period, you’ll notice that that the butter gets separated from the peanut granules.

This is due to the absence of artificial emulsifiers which does not affect its fitness for consumption. You simply need to use a spoon and mix the butter well until you are satisfied with the texture.


Recipe Notes

Although the preparation steps involved in peanut butter recipe at home are very straightforward, if you are preparing it for the first time, these tips will definitely prove to be helpful.

  • Take special care while roasting the peanuts as they tend to get over-cooked quickly. Only with optimal roasting, you would be able to get that perfect nutty aroma and taste.
  • Adding oil to the mix is completely optional. However, if you choose to put the oil in the butter, add it in small parts and pulse until your desired consistency is obtained.
  • The peanut butter recipe at home can be prepared easily if you use a high-speed blender.

So that was our take on all things peanut butter. Hope you try it out soon!


Try 24 Mantra Organics’s Raw peanuts and taste the goodness of peanut butter at your home!

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