The Best Ways To Make Basmati Rice

The Best Ways To Make Basmati Rice

The Best Ways To Make Basmati Rice


Research and write about the variety of ways in which you can cook basmati rice – in a clay pot, pan, cooker and how this varies based on the basmati variety

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In a country as culturally diverse as India, it is only expected that there is variation across the types of food prepared in different parts of the country. Ingredients, spices, and preparation styles all change as you move from one part of the country to another.

An ingredient as simple as rice comes in many types, each of which have their own benefits. According to an article in the Times of India, the two main health benefits of basmati rice are:

  • It is richer in fibre when compared to other types of Indian rice
  • Additionally, because of its low glycemic index (GI), basmati rice is a good alternative to white rice for diabetic patients.

If you have just started using basmati, how to cook it properly is probably one of your main concerns. This article will give you all the details you need for that perfectly cooked, fluffy rice.

How To Make Basmati Rice Correctly

There are different ways in which you can cook basmati rice depending on the cooking implements you have available in your kitchen and the type of basmati rice you are using.

There are different types of basmati rice available in the market, mainly white basmati rice and brown basmati rice. In some places, you can also find organic basmati rice. Depending on the variety you choose, the manner in which you should cook basmati will also differ. If you are following a basmati rice recipe, you will find instructions on how to perfectly cook your rice. In the table below, you can see the ratio of rice to water for each type of basmati rice. While this is a general ratio to follow, you can change this to suit your preference while cooking.

Type of Rice Amount of Rice Amount of Water
Regular basmati 1 cup 1 1/2 cups
Organic basmati 1 cup 2 cups
Brown basmati 1 cup 2 1/2 cups

The three main ways in  which you can make basmati rice are – in a pressure cooker, in a hot pot, in a pan.

How To Make Basmati Rice In A Pressure Cooker

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  • Take the required amount of basmati rice and wash it thoroughly two to three times. This will remove the excess starch
  • Soak the clean rice in water for about half an hour, so the grains do not break easily
  • You can use the water you soaked the rice in to cook the rice or take freshwater
  • If you want the rice to be firm instead of tender, you can use one cup of water instead of the usual one and a half
  • Pressure cook the rice for two whistles. Let the steam escape completely before you open the cooker
  • Fluff it with a fork to check if it is fully cooked before serving

How To Make Basmati Rice In A Hot Pot

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  • Follow steps one and two as mentioned above
  • Add the rice and water as mentioned in the table above or as per your preference
  • Choose the “Rice” option on your instant hot pot and make sure the lid is tightly sealed
  • In 12 minutes, your timer will go off. But, allow the rice to stay in the ‘Keep Warm’ mode for 10-15 minutes so the steam can escape
  • Serve up your rice and enjoy!

How To Make Basmati Rice In A Pan

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  • Make sure to rinse your rice well and soak it for half an hour at least
  • Take a pan that has a lid that fits well and add a spoon of oil to it. This will prevent the rice from sticking
  • Add half a spoon of salt to taste (optional) and then add the rice with the required amount of water
  • Cover your pan with the lid and let it sit on a high flame
  • After 6-7 minutes, turn down the heat and let it remain for about 10 minutes
  • Turn off the stove and let the pan sit for 12-15 minutes while the lid is still closed. This will allow the rice to cook in its own steam
  • Open the lid, take in the lovely aroma, and enjoy!

Now that you know the different ways in which you can make basmati rice, you can start trying out different dishes, one basmati rice recipe at a time! Before you start, however, you must first decide which type of basmati is ideal for you.

How To Choose Basmati Rice

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According to a blog on the health benefits of brown and white basmati rice, Ayurveda can tell you which is better for you depending on your body’s digestive system as well as the season.

  • Brown rice contains more fibre than white rice
  • If you are someone with a sensitive stomach, or you have difficulty digesting certain foods, white rice is the better option for you
  • On the other hand, if you have a strong stomach and are used to different kinds of foods, brown rice may be the healthier option for you
  • When it is hot outside, it is better for you to eat lighter foods as these can be absorbed faster by your body. Thus during summer, white basmati rice is a better option to include in your meals

Organic basmati rice is always a better option than processed basmati as it has more nutrients intact. In addition to the health benefits offered by this type of rice, the aromas and flavours in it make it a classic favourite, especially for biryani and pulav dishes.

You can also make jeera rice with basmati and pair it with any gravy of your choice. The options available to you are endless when it comes to incorporating basmati rice in your daily meals. You can easily find a basmati rice recipe that is time-effective and simple to prepare on the internet and sure to delight your taste buds!


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