Organizational Chart What is an Organization Chart? Definition, Types, Tips, Tutorial, and Examples


When other business units need the org chart, they know who to go to. There are a multitude of benefits to creating an org chart for a business of any size. First and foremost, it establishes authority and strictly enforces the expected communication routes within the organization. This prevents miscommunication and helps employees understand where they are in the hierarchy of the company.

Determine your company’s organizational structure

  1. The second type—the product- or market-based structure—is also hierarchical, vertical and centralized.
  2. Org charts, like trees, spread out into supplementary branches and leaves that define each individual’s role in a company.
  3. Every added or changed position requires a manual edit, then the new document must be redistributed.

Now that you understand your company’s structure on both a high level and an individual employee level, it’s time to pick an org chart design. Creating your own chart is easy using Miro’s free org chart template. In the next section, we’ll walk you through how to fill in and customize the organizational chart template. Conversely, with a decentralized organizational structure, teams have more autonomy to make decisions and there may be cross-collaboration between groups. Decentralized leadership can help companies remain agile and adapt to changing needs. Org charts can get outdated quickly as companies restructure and shift team roles.

What Are Other Types of Organizational Charts?

They also don’t show management style, and they don’t map all the methods of communication. All of this information is important to the success of your business, so take this into account when creating your org chart. Clearly identify where you’ll need new employees and what their roles should be. Slack Atlas uses profile pictures, location information and fun facts to build a well-rounded portrait of each member of a Slack workspace.

Organizational Chart

This also helps bridge gaps where employees may have never had a reason to speak. Now, when they can find common interests and backgrounds from these profiles, employees can start a conversation that often leads to real relationships. While companies who offer flexible work environments and hours are more likely to draw high-demand workers, it can be challenging to help them connect with co-workers. Org chart software is one way organizations can bring a virtual team together. Because every employee has detailed co-worker information accessible from their mobile device, they can quickly find who they need and connect with them. They can see their photos, read their profiles, and find details to connect on a more personal level.

Organizational Structure Types (With Examples)

In trying to achieve these goals, the company is structured to prioritize a certain outcome and will often have to compromise on other areas. This type of company org chart aims to limit bureaucracy by removing the layers found in a hierarchy chart. This allows for a short chain of command from staff to decision-makers. Companies can be structured in many different ways, so there are several different types of organizational charts.

Your body organs range from your brain, heart, liver, skin, lungs, kidneys, intestines, stomach, bladder, etc. In all, there are believed to be 80 organs in your body, all serving different functions and uses. With drag-and-drop shapes, real-time collaboration and advanced sharing features, Lucidchart makes it easy to create your own org chart.

An org chart is a diagram that shows the internal structure of a business. The chart helps visualize the hierarchy of business units and employees to better understand the rankings (levels) and relationships within the organization. Whether your business has 5 employees or 5,000 employees, organizational charts are a vital visual representation of your company’s internal structure. Having a solid grasp of the hierarchy of your business is beneficial for everyone at the company. For leadership, it helps visualize how teams work together and where everyone sits in the company structure. For employees, it shows who they need to report to and how they fit into the bigger picture.

For instance, a marketing specialist may have reporting obligations within the marketing and product teams. A matrix structure offers flexibility, enables shared resources and fosters collaboration within the company. However, the organizational structure can be complex, so it can cause confusion about accountability bookkeeping clarksville and communication, especially among new employees. As discussed below, functional, product-based, market-based and geographical organizational structures are vertical structures. Org charts came into use during the industrial revolution, and they’re still evolving to reflect new types of organizational structures.

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These represent the relationships between individuals, teams, and departments. To adjust the direction or flow of these lines, click and drag them to where you want them to go. With a matrix organizational structure, there are multiple reporting obligations.

The term “organization chart” came into use in the early twentieth century. Whether it’s hierarchical or horizontal, everyone knows how they fit into the bigger picture, who’s on their team, and who they can go to for advice and guidance. An example of a company that has delayered — i.e. flattened their organization — is Valve. Divisional org structures are like small companies within a big company. Each division is responsible for its own operations, thus having its own marketing, sales, finance, and other departments. Employees report to the head of the division that reports to the executives.

You’ll see that each division has its own marketing team, sales team and services team and they operate independently of one another and have all the same functions. You have teams entirely dedicated to areas like branding, communications and digital. It’s also important to identify teams that marketing relies on – like customer success and developers.

A hierarchical org chart, for example, prioritizes a clear chain of command and centralized control at the top of the pyramid. This will often result in thought-out decisions that have been refined through the layers but it comes with the price of slower decision-making processes. Organizational charts either broadly depict an enterprise organization-wide, or drill down to a specific department or unit.

An org chart gets new hires up to speed, keeps longtime employees informed and builds confidence among investors. Regardless of an organization’s structure, org charts are extraordinarily useful when an entity is contemplating restructuring its workforce or changing its management complex. Most importantly, org charts let employees transparently see how their roles fit into the overall company structure. A matrix chart looks a bit like a table, and has evolved from a classic chart to include a visual representation of dual reporting. Perhaps you’re working on a short-term project and reporting to a project manager.

Having an established organizational structure for your company can improve communication because it makes reporting relationships clear. Without an organizational chart in place, team members may not know who to go to when they have questions. The org chart makes it clear who leads what, so team members can feel empowered to ask questions and collaborate with others.

It’s clear there is a level of camaraderie and togetherness they aspire for. Setting up an org chart is one of the best gifts anyone can give their company. Now that you’ve picked the right software for your org chart, you can get started.

A vertical — or hierarchical — organizational chart has the person with the most power at the top and those with less power underneath and when combined, it forms a pyramid shape. Nike’s organizational structure gets a lot of praise and it happens to be a matrix organizational structure. Valve, the popular video-game developer, is proud of the flat organizational structure they’ve built. You’ll also notice that there is no clear reporting structure because the objective of this chart design is to highlight how the marketing team operates. This blue functional organizational chart example is broken down in a similar way. This will help whoever is reading the organizational chart find exactly what they’re looking for.

To get the most out of an org chart, you must first decide on its design and how to visually represent your company’s organizational structure. You may discover that there’s miscommunication between employees and a manager, which means that you need to change the reporting structure or make efforts to improve communication. Your org chart can then be helpful in identifying exactly where a project manager is needed so you can allocate resources to solve the issue. To create an org chart, you’ll need to settle on an organizational structure. Org charts depict an organization’s hierarchy, which can clearly identify seniority and lines of authority that ought to be followed.

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