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It’s as simple as becoming familiar with keywords and learning how they can help YouTube get your videos in front of more people. Mastering YouTube’s analytics can give you the tools to unlock your channel’s potential. Take a deep dive into which videos are helping your channel to grow by looking at key metrics like watch time and click-through rate. According to YouTube, play buttons arrive within a month of ordering them. Utilize social media, SEO optimization, and other marketing strategies to increase your channel’s visibility. Can you imagine that your favorite series didn’t have a regular schedule for releasing each episode?

How to Apply for an Award

Launched in 2016, The Custom Creator Award is a seriously difficult achievement to reach, and is by its very nature the most unique of all YouTube Creator Awards. An extremely exclusive award, the Custom Creator Award is completely customized to the recipients channel, and thus each one is entirely unique. YouTube is a platform that has evolved significantly since its humble beginnings in 2005. As a result of the drastic increase in popularity of the site, the biggest creators have amassed serious followings over the years. You’ve reached your account maximum for followed topics. Earning the YouTube Diamond play button level is where things start to become a bit more elite.

Promote your channel efficiently

Typically, your Play Button Creator Award should arrive within 2-3 weeks (according to YouTube). Failing to respond to the delivery company or not paying customs or taxes and duties can cause delays in delivery. You can find further information about the official redemption process here. This is a complete guide with everything you need to know to get one for your YouTube channel.

How to Earn YouTube Play Buttons

  1. YouTube is the world’s most popular streaming service.
  2. Samantha runs her own YouTube channel and has experience using DaVinci Resolve, Canva, and other software for her creative needs.
  3. This figurine is considered the pinnacle for any content creator.
  4. YouTubers like NikkieTutorials and Ninja have been awarded the coveted diamond play button, as well as channels like Tedx Talks and Mr. Bean.
  5. Plus, success is built on good habits, which require consistency.
  6. As of today, there are around 29,000 channels that meet the Gold requirements, a significantly lower figure than that of Silver eligibility.

The Icon Awards were a type of award that have been discontinued. It came with two types, Silver and Gold, that were most likely made out of wood. You will still be able to browse Wikitubia, but you will be unable to edit without an account. So now let’s dive into some tips you can start working on to grow your YouTube channel and hope to earn one (or more) of the famous YouTube Play Buttons. The Silver Play Button features a sleek silver design and is built mostly with nickel among traces of other metals (carbon, zinc, and others). The one thing that makes any great YouTube channel stand out is how unique or different it is.

How to apply for your YouTube Play Button

Once a creator earns a YouTube play button, the creator is then permitted to buy additional play buttons. Some people then sell their extra Creator Awards online, however, this is a violation of YouTube play button rules and regulations. We’re very happy to have had a hand in this, helping both of them achieve growth on their channels with our music. See how Growingannanas supercharged her growth or about TwoSync reaping the rewards from licensing popular music. Lickd favorites TwoSync and Growingannanas both have gold play buttons, with around 1.5million followers apiece.

What are the Different Play Buttons?

As of today, there are around 29,000 channels that meet the Gold requirements, a significantly lower figure than that of Silver eligibility. Every verified YouTube channel and play button winner essentially falls into one interactive brokers forex review of three categories; educational, entertainment, or inspirational. Thus, the vast majority of people who are watching YouTube videos also fall into those audiences, and oftentimes into two of them or even all three.

Remember, it’s going to take time and hard work to get there. The first three awards are fairly well-known in the YouTube community. However, the Red Diamond Play Button is a rarity that has only been given out to a few YouTubers like Mr. Beast and Pewdiepie.

They’re all let you explore various parts of YouTube in different ways. For example, if users aren’t finding your videos through the search function, you may need to update your keywords. Consistency is key to success in almost any pursuit, including getting a YouTube Play Button. When it comes to your channel, how much you post matters as much as the time you post.

The silver play button is the first creator reward that channels can earn as they grow on YouTube. This plaque is awarded to those that surpass 100,000 followers and is one of the smaller rewards in terms of size. Its appearance is simply a silver frame with a similarly colored play button in the center displayed above the channel details. This figurine is considered the pinnacle for any content creator. YouTube rewards its creators with more than 100 million followers.

For starters, we recommend posting at least once a week. This helps to keep your channel active on a regular basis, which looks better in the eyes of the YouTube algorithm. Remember, you’re supposed to be providing something of value, so that should always be reflected in the quality of the content you publish. You don’t have to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to be eligible for an award. Each channel is carefully reviewed to make sure the criteria is met. Receive exclusive content to grow your audience and business.

As of 2023, there are four tiers of awards that a YouTube channel can earn, each tougher to reach than the one before. Gyre Pro is a continuous streaming tool that provides creators with every advantage to increase key channel metrics in a safe and easy manner. I’ve been learning all about social media for over 10 years.

Every creator award is accompanied by a printed letter, with the exception of Gold and Silver letters. All of them are signed by the CEO of YouTube, with the current one since 2023 being Neal Mohan (preceded by Susan Wojcicki). A card of manufacture is also packaged along with the parcel. In this table we have introduced the different YouTube Play Button awards with a quick description of each for easy orientation.

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