Treating ailments using clove oil for teeth- 24 Mantra Organic

Treating ailments using clove oil for teeth- 24 Mantra Organic


Benefits of Clove Oil for Teeth

Health and Nutrition


As per a research conducted by the World Health Survey, close to 28% of respondents claimed to be suffering from one or more dental health issues. From the time of this survey until now, the number is deemed to have increased manifold, opening up a wide avenue for dental health professionals. However, most dental problems can be curtailed at their inception by common remedies like using clove oil for teeth. Herbal medicines such as clove, turmeric and neem leaves are popular household remedies for most dental issues. The organic cultivation of clove makes it better for the ecological system while lending a supportive hand to the farmers who cultivate them for their livelihood.


Clove oil for toothache offers a therapeutic action on the root cause of the problem and promises to reduce its severity. Clove displays a unique anti-inflammatory action using its major constituents, eugenol and acetyl eugenol. Take a closer look at the complete constituents of clove through this table which illustrates the typical chemical composition of clove.

Conc. % Name of the compound
1.873 Toluene
0.286 2-Pentanone-3-methylene
7.785 2-Pentanone, 4-hydroxy-4-methyl
0.066 m-Dioxan-4-ol, 2,6-diethyl-5methyl acetate
0.15 2,4,4,6-Tetramethyl-4,5-dihydro-1,3-oxazine
0.118 2,4,4,6-Tetramethyl-4,5-dihydro-1,3-oxazine
69.436 3-Allyl-6-methoxyphenol
0.219 Copaene
6.803 Caryophyllene
2.253 1,4,7-Cycloundecatriene, 1,5,9,9-tetramethyl-,Z,Z,Z-
0.163 alpha-Farnesene
10.798 Eugenol acetate
0.048 Caryophyllene oxide



Clove oil for teeth: The Easiest Home Remedy?

At times, it can be distressing to get to a dentist immediately and suffer from a toothache. The importance of an authentic home remedy at this point cannot be overlooked. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine has propagated clove oil for toothache as one of the leading cures to get relief from the condition. While it is good for your immunity and skin as well, the benefits of clove oil for teeth have been widely circulated over the years, making it a useful home remedy to get instant relief from dental troubles.


Is It Really Effective?

Since the early 19th century, the use of clove oil for teeth has been widely studied by experts, making them explore the benefits that it can have on teeth and problems associated with it. Today, clove is cultivated organically and comes in use not only for cooking purposes but also for various herbal remedies, where it provides the goodness of chemical-free produce. The chemical ‘eugenol’ which is found in large quantities in clove, is believed to be the reason behind this benefit. Even today, a combination of zinc oxide and eugenol is used in many fillings and other dental procedures.


Clove oil for teeth: How To Get Relief?

Due to its unique chemical composition, clove oil happens to be replete with a certain dose of beneficial factors, such as:

  • Anaesthetic
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antifungal

Although one can buy clove oil from any drug store or a supermarket, it is best to go for the organic variety, which is better in taste and produced without the use of any chemicals. The strong, spicy and warm flavour of clove can be made out distinctively.

If you would like to use clove oil for teeth, it is suggested to use a cotton swab or a cotton ball, dipped in the oil and wipe the affected area with it for a few minutes. If you do not have access to clove oil, you may also use a whole clove and place it over the affected area for a few minutes to get some relief.

However, in a few select cases, direct application of clove oil could cause side effects to the gums. Thus, it is ideal for diluting it with a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil. Then, it can be dabbed on the affected area in a similar manner. Placing the swab or cotton ball at the area of impact ensures that the oil gets absorbed easily and efficiently.

The most common feeling upon application of clove oil is a sensation of numbing within the first 5 – 10 minutes. The area begins to feel warm and tastes pungent. The application can be increased to every 2 – 3 hours for quick relief.


How Effective Is Clove Oil For Teeth?

Clove has remained at the centre of attention in the field of dental home remedies since ancient times. The use of clove in ancient health remedies have been studied in depth, and there is remarkable evidence which suggests that clove oil for teeth is an effective way to treat underlying toothaches. In addition to this, the unique chemical components of clove help to fight off the bacteria which can take home around the teeth.

Usually, clove oil has a colourless or yellowish appearance and today; it is often used for many dental purposes. The properties of the oil help in the production of a specific protein by the name of trans receptor vanilloid – 1. It has the ability to desensitise the nerve endings which lie close to the surface of the skin. At the same time, clove oil also exhibits certain properties which provide a healing impact on the affected area and also ensure that infections remain at bay.


Conclusion: Is It Worthy To Go For a Home Remedy For Toothache?

One cannot deny the trouble and irritation that a toothache brings with it. It can be painful to the point where your normal routine activities get disrupted. No one would like that to happen, which is why seeking a home remedy in times of acute distress is a good idea. The use of clove oil for teeth has demonstrated beneficial results over the years and continues to be a well sought after remedy for many dental procedures.

The organic farming of cloves ensures that they are grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, making them safe for you and your family. Opt for organic clove oil for the best results with your tooth problems. The peculiar flavours of clove are well preserved in its organic variety which tastes better and offers greater nutrition with every single constituent.


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