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Difference Between Wildflower Vs Processed Honey



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The main difference between wildflower honey and processed honey is the processing method.

Raw honey comes from beehives. Unheated honey retains all the enzymes, nutrients, and medicinal compounds that are beneficial for a human body. The processing of raw honey differs from that of regular honey.

Wildflower honey is extracted from the beehives and spread over a nylon cloth to remove the impurities; chunks of honeycomb, or dead bees.

On the flip side, processed honey is over pasteurized to a point that it loses all its nutritional compounds. Pasteurization is a process where high heat is applied to the honey. Needless to say, this burns out the essential nutrients present in the honey.

Few commercial giants don’t even sell actual honey. Fake honey consists of only one-third honey, the rest is added sugar syrups that have been extracted from plants like sugar cane, corn, rice etc.

Generally, honey is made of glucose and fructose. Extracted from the flowers, organic wildflower honey consists of a multitude of bioactive plant compounds. These compounds carry antioxidants that are believed to help reduce inflammations, prevent heart conditions, and ward off even a few types of cancers.

One method of differentiating raw honey from processed honey is to pour it into a glass full of water. Artificial honey will dissolve in the water immediately with few drops of it settling at the bottom of the glass. The organic honey is a thick paste and does not get dissolved that easily.

Raw honey comes in different consistencies. Medicinal honey is generally non-filtered. Non-filtered honey has a thick paste-like consistency. It contains several nutritional bits of propolis, bee pollen, several other active enzymes and even few flecks of honeycomb itself.

This makes it the healthiest honey since it contains bee pollen. Pollen is something bees collect from flowers. Bee pollen is essential as it has vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, several other micronutrients, and antioxidants. The nutrients can be found in this honey, cannot be found in the processed honey.

The honey that is readily available in the market is generally not organic. Processed or over pasteurized honey has a thin consistency to it. It is filtered and processed multiple times to give it a transparent, presentable structure. Processed honey has least to no health benefits.

Though people think there’s no big difference between wildflower honey and processed honey. Organic honey is actually used as an over-the-counter medicine for a lot of burns, wounds, and also to improve constipation. A study has proven that organic wildflower honey is a great remedy for cough. Raw honey also improves immunity, provides energy, and helps reduce weight.

The reason why people don’t find any distinguishable health or skin improvements by using honey might be it because it is heavily processed.

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