Make Easy and Delicious Bajra Rotis

Make Easy and Delicious Bajra Rotis


Make Easy and Delicious Bajra Rotis


Make Easy and Delicious Bajra Rotis

Bajre ki roti is a traditional Rajasthani cuisine best enjoyed with jaggery or gatte ki sabziIt is prepared by kneading bajra flour to make thickly rolled flatbreads that are roasted over a Tawa and then cooked over an open flame until brown spots start appearing on the roti.

Bajra, or pearl millet, as it is called as in English, belongs to the family of small-seeded millet grains. It is grown predominantly in the African and the Indian subcontinent since the pre-historic times and is consumed widely.

Bajra flour

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Bajra flour is obtained by grinding bajra seeds and the final flour thus obtained is used to prepare flatbreads that are delicious and go well with almost any Indian curry or lentil. Gluten intolerant individuals can find their abode in bajra flour as is entirely free from gluten.

Its low fat and high protein content make it suitable for the weight-conscious, and it fits perfectly in a vegan diet plan. But, how to make bajra roti? In this post, we will be exploring the steps involved in making fluffy and delicious bajra roti’s. But first, we need to look at how to make bajra roti flour.

How To Make Bajra Roti Flour And Ingredients Required

If you are wondering how to make bajra roti, this post might be extremely beneficial for you. It is not only easy to make delicious bajra roti’s at home, the grainy texture of the flour perfectly complements spicy Indian curries and has a healthy nutrition profile to go with it.

For preparing fluffy and delicious bajra rotis, you need the following ingredients.

  • 2 cups of organic bajra flour.
  • ½ teaspoon of salt.
  • Hot water to knead the flour.
  • A small amount of wheat flour for dusting (optional)

But, before we proceed with how to make bajre ki roti, let’s have a look at how to make bajra roti flour to be rolled into flatbreads.

  • First, heat some water in a pan to be used for kneading the bajra flour.
  • Now, take the 2 cups of bajra flour and put ½ teaspoon salt in it and mix it well.
  • Pour hot water in the salt and bajra flour mixture and start kneading the dough. Hot water helps the flour to bind and makes it pliable.
  • Since the flour is gluten-free, you can add more water as per your requirement, and the dough won’t turn sticky.
  • Once done, take out a small dough ball and try to roll it as thin as possible. If the roti breaks, more dough kneading is required.
  • Once your flatbreads start getting thin, your dough is ready!

Now, with our healthy bajra dough ready, let’s look at how to make bajra roti.

How To Make Bajra Roti

Bajra roti

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Now that we are done with our dough preparation, it’s time to roll the dough into thin flatbreads to be roasted on a Tawa. Let’s begin with the steps on how to make bajra roti.

  • Take the dough and divide it into small pliable dough balls to be rolled into thin sheets.
  • Take one dough ball and give it a round shape. It is essential that no cracks are developed in the dough ball, and if required, apply some water on your hands and then proceed to roll the dough ball.
  • If required, you can put a small amount of wheat flour on the dough balls to remove the excess moisture that removes the stickiness from the bajra flour.
  • Place the dough ball on a rolling pad and roll it into thin sheets. You can use a small amount of wheat flour for easy rolling of the dough balls.
  • Once you have achieved the desired thickness, your bajra flatbread is ready.
  • Heat a Tawa on high flame and place the roti over it.
  • You will notice that blisters will start forming on the roti, and once these appear, it is time to flip the roti to evenly cook the other side as well.
  • If the roti starts developing cracks, you can apply some water from your hands and then flip the roti.
  • Cook for a few more seconds to ensure that both the sides are evenly prepared.
  • Once both the sides are evenly roasted, it’s time to cook the roti over an open flame.
  • Remove the roti from the Tawa and roast its one side over an open flame.
  • Flip the roti to the other side until black spots that are reminiscent of the wheat flour roti start appearing on the bajra roti.
  • Remove the roti from the flame. Your delicious bajra rotis are ready!

These steps might have made it clear for you as to how to make bajra roti easily. If you are wondering how to make bajre ki roti even healthier, you can add veggies such as finely grated carrots and cauliflower to the dough to boost its dietary fibre and nutrient content even further.


Bajra flour is one of the most commonly used flour for preparing roti’s, especially in Rajasthani households. It’s high nutrient content such as Iron, and its gluten-free profile is favoured by many that help in enabling a healthy lifestyle. If you were wondering how to make bajra roti, now you know all the intricacies involved in the preparation of this healthy, fluffy, and delicious roti. Would you include bajra roti in your everyday diet? Do let us know in the comments below.


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