5 Delicious Organic Recipes to Try this Monsoon


Open up your windows and let the fresh breeze in. The cold showers are here to wash away all the grumpiness of hot summer months.

With the onset of monsoon, it’s also time to listen to your taste buds and enjoy some well-earned and enjoyed snack time. Heat up the cooking pan and get ready to cook some delicious organic recipes.

That’s right; we have used the word delicious and organic together. Because that is exactly what we have in store for you – healthy and yummy treats to make your monsoons more memorable.


  1. Vegetable thalipeeth

Start the streak of monsoon cooking with something traditional. A very famous dish in the streets of Maharashtra, this savoury pancake packs the punch of 4 different grain flours and fresh vegetables in a single serving. Pair it with some homemade curd and some spicy red chili chutney called ranjak or kempu chutney. See the full recipe here.

  1. Chickpea naan pizza

Looking for a perfect recipe to wow your guests over a small monsoon get together? How about a gourmet style naan pizza? Loaded with a ton of different flavours, this the finger food you need to get any party started. See the full recipe here.    

  1. Rajma galouti kababs

Soft inside and crisp outside, these vegetable kababs will literally melt in your mouth. Trust us, rajma galouti kababs are all that you need to impress anyone with your cooking. Add the goodness of millet and quinoa to make the dish crisper and more wholesome. See the full recipe here.

  1. Pesarattu dosa

What do you get when you bring together organic moong dal, pureed spinach, coriander powder, green chillis, lemon juice, and organic peanut oil? You get a yummy and healthy breakfast recipe! Try out this Andhra style dish to fuel your day. See the full recipe here.

  1. Millet honey balls

Are you ready for some dessert? Millet honey balls more commonly known as thenum thinai maavum is a popular Tamil dish served as prasad after religious ceremonies. And it takes only 20 minutes to make these. It’s time to cater to your sweet tooth. See the full recipe here.              

Most people will tell you that indulging in monsoon snacking is unhealthy. But we say it’s not true – not when you have the organic wholesome ingredients combined with healthy and yummy recipes crafted by culinary experts from across India. So try out our recipes and indulge in your monsoon food cravings guild free.

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