Pure, organic, Maida-free whole grain cookies. Tasted them?

One bite of our cookies and you will know why they are different. It is health and nutrition packed all the way with that unmistakable, pure, organic taste. Wholesome and healthy, over 70% of the ingredients are organic. With multi-grains-Whole Wheat, Jowar, Rice, Little Millet, Foxtail Millets and Flax, the cookies have nutrition packed into them. The cookies have no Maida, only purity and integrity that only a 24 Mantra Organic can bring to a cookie. Surrender to their taste. You would have discovered a true organic cookie forever…

Whole grains matter

As a whole grain, along with the bran and germ, the nutritional quality of wheat is impressive. It is rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium. Its germ part is rich in Vitamin E. In food labeling, only ‘whole wheat flour’ refers to the flour of the whole wheat. Both the terms ‘refined wheat flour’ and ‘wheat flour’ refer only to Maida. Almost all commercially available baked products contain largely maida only.
Jowar, also known as Sorghum is a major millet and is rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and niacin. It is rich in fibre and is well digested by our body. These days it is preferred as a replacement for whole wheat atta for those who are intolerant to wheat gluten.
Rice is a source of carbohydrates that provides energy, easily digested and does not contain gluten.
Ragi, otherwise known as finger millet (Nachni in some regional lingo), is one of the most nutritious millet. It is a rich source of calcium, very essential for growing children and women. It has 10-12 times more calcium than found in rice or wheat. It is rich in fibre, iron and Phosphorus. It is gluten free, easily digested and will give you the nourishment to start your day briskly.
Little millet is known as Samalu, samai, and foxtail millet is known as korralu, thinai in regional lingos. These are some of the early cultivated grains. These hardy crops are drought resistant and have more resistance to crop pests and storage pests. They are very suitable for the organic cultivation. They are very rich in fibre and minerals and do not contain gluten.
Flax seeds, being the richest source of omega-3-fatty acids, provide cardiovascular benefits like increasing the good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood and prevent excessive inflammation that causes joint pains. Flax seeds contain high levels of dietary fibre, abundance of micro nutrients and rich in poly phenolic antioxidants. Flax seeds have lignan, an important source of phytoestrogen, that has proven goodness in its role to prevent and treat breast cancers and for post menopausal problems.

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