Farmer Care

Farmers are our foundation. On them rests our organic journey. Therefore, understanding the farmer, creating processes that protect their interest and encourage them to be part of the organic way is something we have accomplished over the last few years.

Having found the right farmer, our next step is to ensure they are productively engaged. We encourage them to collectivise and educate them on an ongoing basis. With credit indebtedness for cultivation totally absent in organic farming, we adhere to the highest levels of ethics and transparency. All our transactions are through banks and the farmers enjoy the reassurance of a minimum profitable price or a market price + premium whichever is higher. Protected from the vagaries of the market, they are also saved the burden of being cheated while weighing (we have electronic balances) and deductions are an exception.

Middlemen have been totally done away with and chronic malpractices in the treatment of farmers in procurement have been firmly opposed and new, standardized methods brought into play. In fact we have standardized spec. sheets for every product and crop.

Complementing these ethical practices and catalyzing the organic involvement are our continuing farmer education programmes. From imparting knowledge and current practices in the preparation of the soil to the progressive farming and cultivation practices, our team members are with the farmers. On an average we have one Sresta Associate for 100 farmers. Practically customized. One to one handling has been the bedrock of the trust we have earned from 45,000 farmers in India.

We have to make a difference to the farmer has always been our intent. With conviction and diligence we have been delivering it for some time now.

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