Mother’s Day and what it means for us?

Moms are like buttons, they hold every thing together. From the moment you enter the world to the moment you breathe your last, she is only person who you will love you unconditionally. So mother’s day for us means a lot more than just one day. We must celebrate mother’s day everyday. Think about it, when was the last time you called your mom and thanked her for everything that you have never thanked her for? When was the last time you asked your mom what she would like to eat for dinner? When was the last time you hugged and kissed your mom? More often than not we tend to take our mom’s for granted. Well, we would like to change that by bringing a smile on her face.

So we created this page specially just for you, where we give you the opportunity to share stories about your mother, her eternity, your bond, her ways and the mouthwatering food she makes. Join us in celebrating motherhood and share your “Meri Maa” moments with us.