Specialty Atta

Our Speciality Attas have been developed after studying the special needs of potential customers and the nutritional balance that grownups, obese adults, convalescents and similar users find necessary in their daily diets and on a regal basis. Our teams comprised of Nutritionists, Food Technologists and Food Researchers have put together this range of three Speciality attas- Multigrain, Diabetic and Gluten-free.

Method of preparation:
Take required quantity of gluten free atta in a bowl. Add slightly hot water (55-60 degrees C) to make dough. Let the dough rest for 10-15 min. Make balls out of the dough. Use this gluten free flour or Rice flour for dusting. Spread a plastic sheet or a muslin cloth or banana leaf on your rolling plate. Dust the flour and roll the dough slowly to make rotis. Heat the pan. Take the sheeted roti on your palm and transfer to the pan. Use oil or ghee to cook the roti. This may not puff up well like wheat roti. Keep them in a closed vessel. They taste very good with a soft texture and you will not miss your Wheat Roti.